Journalists are not gossips

Journalists Not Gossips Journalists are friends just as the Police and other security agencies are to the citizens

Mon, 11 Dec 2017 Source: Emefa Robertson

Most Ghanaians believe journalists are gossips and a nuisance, constantly prying on others private affairs.

As such journalists are sometimes maltreated, manhandled and verbally abused when they try to seek information from them.

Journalists are not gossips, neither are they talkatives, nor do they intend to deliberately cause harm to another. On the contrary, they are the most confidential professionals any one could imagine and work with and are always mindful of the information they put out and do their best to protect the integrity of persons they write about.

It is rather surprising and amusing when the same people who detest journalists so much tend to buy newspapers, surf the internet and other broadcast channels to get information.

“I sometimes ask myself, so where do they think the journalists get the information from and how do they get the information they sit so comfortably at home to read, listen or watch?

I once heard a Pastor preach on a radio station that "journalists would not inherit the Kingdom of God because of their kind of work they do.”

To him, journalists were a cause of doom and misfortune to people, hence his assertion.

He cannot be entirely blamed for his opinion because there are some "self-proclaimed" journalists who take advantage of their profession to tarnish people’s image in exchange for little "coins" disregarding the ethics of the profession.

It seems a predominant number of Ghanaians are oblivious of the value of journalists and have little regard for their line of work.

Although the profession is a reputable one, the public usually shy away from it because of the risks involved, not to talk of the stigma and the discouraging remuneration given to them.

It is a wonder how those who speak on behalf of others (mouth piece) cannot do same for their own.

It is an open secret that the salaries of most journalists was nothing to write home about especially regarding some private media organisations but little can be said about that.

It appears that a large number of Ghanaians have less knowledge and regard for the journalism profession.

An incredible number of individuals are afraid of journalists with the perception that they can make and unmake you or would reveal some personal information about them to the public so often try to shun their company.

Journalists are friends just as the Police and other security agencies are to the citizens of its country.

Journalists are the fourth estate of the realm according to the 1992 Constitution and only seek out for the interest of our dear Nation.

Columnist: Emefa Robertson