Joy To The World Begins With Good Health (2)

Wed, 24 Dec 2014 Source: Essel, Kojo Cobba

Finally the heavy traffic in every corner of town may remind us that an important occasion is here with us. I finally saw a few items on a side-walk in central Accra that reminded me of Christmas when I was much younger; scanty yet good enough to bring back memories of train rides at Kingsway, which is now Swanzy Shopping Arcade.

Is Christmas best enjoyed by children or is it only a direct reflection of the times? Whichever way you may consider it we have to end 2014 on a healthy note and start 2015 at an even more exciting pitch.

On the eve of Christmas spend a few minutes of your time to digest the final part of the messages from friends and well wishers;

“As the Irish proverb says; a good laugh and a long sleep is better than medicine. In 2015 may laughter and rest be the cure to all your ailments. Remember health means wealth!”

-Anita Arthur, Human Resource Professional.

“If you are on medication, please do not go on a drug holiday so that you can spend the money on pleasure. Remember these are not the last days of your life; you will be here in 2015. Do not start the new year with financial stress and complications of your illness”

-Kojo Cobba Essel, Wellness Entrepreneur.

“Santa has been the same size since inception because he loves to fit in his suits. Let’s all in the season of love adopt this model and watch our portions. Keep your teeth extra happy this season and remember to brush them appropriately.”

-Josephine Opoku-Bekoe, Human Resource Professional.

“The intergovernmental panel on Climate Change in their most recent report have reemphasized that climate change is ongoing and the impact will get worse if nothing is done. The situation looks dire but there is always a light of hope. In 2015 countries around the world are planning to reach an agreement that will help to address some of the issues. More importantly as we celebrate the birth of Jesus let us be reminded that he came to help us resolve our most difficult situations.”

-Ama Kwansima Essel, Climate Change Expert.

As we unwrap our gifts this season remember that the first gift of Christmas did not come with pomp, neither was it wrapped yet it is the greatest gift a Father could ever give to his children; the gift of LOVE. Jesus was and is still that gift. This season seize the opportunity to boost your happiness level by giving especially to the less fortunate in society. I guarantee that such an act will make you more content and healthier.

If no one is kind enough to give you a gift of an annual medical examination, please make it a point to reward all your labour with at least the basic medical tests below.


Dr. Kojo Cobba Essel

Moms’ Health Club


*Dr Essel is a medical doctor, holds an MBA and is ISSA certified in exercise therapy and fitness nutrition.

Thought for the week – “We all have a perfect reason why we cannot exercise, but ALWAYS remember that no matter your exercise excuse there is an even more compelling reason to exercise.”

Columnist: Essel, Kojo Cobba