June 4th Was An Armed Robbery, Not A Revolution.

Fri, 4 Jun 2010 Source: Sarpong, Justice

The saddest day in our country's history is upon us again and the fake socialist caitiff nabob Rawlings is going to milk it for all what it is worth by resorting to his usual circumlocution about the virtues of June 4th while the clueless and timid Mills administration concede the day to him. I know there is an enormous panorama of opinions about this day with Rawlings sycophants who believe this day should be celebrated while others like me and most Ghanaians have no intestinal fortitude to see Rawlings standing in any podium spinning his usual malarkey' about this day.

Is June 4th celebration being forced on our throats by the murdering inferno of Rawlings and his denizens of the street or it has the tacit approval of the Mills administration? I hope the celebration of this armed robbery revolution in Tamale will parade Amedeka riding in an open car with Efo Rawlings and his Lady Peron imitation of a wife in Konadu Agyeman Rawlings waving to the teeming useless Azorka boys .

The paradox philosophy, or the end justifies the means is not even applicable in this Quixotic nonsense perpetrated on the masses on June 4th 1979 since Rawlings and his armed robbery AFRC/PNDC thugs replaced the SMC 11 pick pockets which was about to leave the scene and return the country to a democratic rule. June 4th and December 31st should be sad days in the annals of our country history and should serve as a remembrance for those who lost their lives needlessly and not to honor a narcisstic obtuse schdenfreude Rawlings whose stupidities retarded the development of our country.

In the spirit of this fake revolution that helped Rawlings and his Sogakope Mafia thugs, Kojo and Tsatsu Tsikata, Kofi Awonoor Williams, Obed Asamoah and others who malversate themselves to riches through their various offices can remember the orphans their bloody armed robbery left behind. The best they can do to atone for some of their bloody undertakings on this day is to go to the cemetries of where some of their victims are buried and seek forgiveness. They should let their conscience be their secret police and do the right thing, the children of their victims are crying for justice.

The children of Colonel and Mrs Enninful are crying for justice

The Children of Mrs Cecilia Koranteng Addo are crying for a mother

The Children of Justice Agyapong are crying for justice

The children of Justice Sarkodie are crying for justice

The children of B.B Birsmach who was dropped into the ocean are crying for justice

All the children of the murdered and missing thousands, the casualties of the June 4th armed robbery are crying for justice.

The Rawlings hocus pocus of June 4th should be exorcised from our memory since it was an insult to our intergrity and an assault to the sanctity of human life. The June 4th charade by Rawlings which was supposed to have stopped the culture of corruption but rather made Rawlings one of the richest, if not the richest person in Ghana should not be celebrated. Rawlings owe Ghanaians a rolodex full of apology instead of tumbing his nose on us.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas.

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice