Opinions Sat, 12 Jun 2010

June 4th Will Remain A Nightmare To The “Looting Brigade” (NPP).

Who says the crack-down on armed-robbery will be a “palatable” issue for the armed robbers? In the same vain the mere mention of JUNE 4TH will always send shivers to the spines of the “LOOTING BRIGADE” (NPP) and its sympathizers. For a very long time to come, the JUNE 4TH will be a nightmare for the thieves and the nation wreckers.

Nana Akuffo-Addo, embarking on his political campaign, his very first criticism of the current administration was about Atta Mills trying to bring sanity into the operations of the Revenue collection Agencies. Do you know why? This is a group of people, a party that only thrives on corruption. If it is not corruption, then it is cocaine peddling. What a shame! A day before the celebration of the JUNE 4TH, this bald-headed man called Mike Ocquaye was issuing threats that any public official or public servant who dares to join in the celebrations should be dealt with. What immediately came to mind was this: It was like when this Ocquaye guy was losing the hair, he lost his brains as well. As an academician and at his age, I expected him to know that people could die for what they believe and stand for and not for their stomach as they (NPP) do.

The hypocrisy and parochialism they (NPP) sometimes display is disgusting and nauseating. They talk and you wonder whether their brains are turned upside-down. Kuffour and his men came to power and out-lawed the celebration of JUNE 4TH AND THE 31ST DECEMBER REVOLTS. Barely two months in office, kuffour and his henchmen were in Togo to celebrate the coup that brought Eyadema to power. How do they reconcile that? Hypocrisy at its highest apogee! They tout themselves as strong advocates of democracy yet on assumption of office, they had to set up a fund to buy the conscience of those loud black-polyethylene journalist (courtesy Dr. Werek Brobbey) to ‘shut’ them up. We all saw how those ‘stomach-journalists’ were running from radio station to radio station and T.V station to T.V station defending every action of the NPP government. It was a big shame.

These selfish and greedy ‘thwarts’ have so soon forgotten about the situation we found ourselves in before the JUNE 4TH REVOLT. A situation where the very few in helms of affairs were displaying senseless opulence and affluence whilst the great majority were wallowing in abject poverty. A situation where the Nation was run down to the extent that some people did not want to be identified as Ghanaians. Ghana was no longer on the world map. Our roads became death-traps, our hospitals were described as grave-yards, the Nation’s two sea-ports were virtually grounded. A situation where postage stamps and airmails could not be found at the post offices but could only be secured at the Makola markets. Disciplines like law, medicine, engineering were the reserve for particular families in Ghana. The most annoying part was the fact that Nigerians were making mockery of Ghanaians. On one of their quiz programmes the question: WHICH PEOPLE QUEUE FOR TOILET ROLLS was asked and they were referring to Ghanaians( I was a student by then ). It was true that we were queuing virtually for everything. These miscreants and thieves were around looking on helplessly and hopelessly, probably enjoying the looting with those running the affairs of the nation at the time.

It took the courage and valour of those young men of the June 4th to stop the sacrilege. Today, these scavengers are trying to demonize the June 4th revolt. It will not work. I wonder whether they wear their “thinking-caps” when they talk. Their senses cannot even tell them that the June 4th and 31st December revolts gave birth to the peace and democracy we are enjoying today and therefore characters like Mike Ocquaye can afford to open their dirty and stinky mouths and talk absolute thrash without fear. The period before the advent of June 4th: “WHO BORN DOG”.

To some of us and a great number of Ghanaians, the leaders of the June 4th revolt are our heroes and we salute them. Those members and sympathizers of the LOOTING BRIGADE, THOSE THIEVES can go to hell and rot for all we care.



Columnist: Oklu, S. L.