DCOP Awuni Angwubutoge was an innovation to Ghanaian policing.

Mon, 14 Mar 2016 Source: Akanyibah Thomas

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MY career as a police officer is relatively longer, and I have persistently and consistently doubted if this noble institution would ever have men and women who would not have their senses of judgement distorted by the rantings of society and the powerful will of politicians.

It's a fact, many of such officers have compromisingly towed the train of unrealistic societal criticisms in an attempt to win their juicy favor while others have also don their political clothes and lenses just to be a 'friend of benefit' to these rulers.

These acts are not petty in practice but an obstinate 'virus' responsible for the present sick and deformed state of the Ghana police service. "Don't you think that telling people the truth would be the best effort to great policies and the construction of a transparent society?" I ask. Notwithstanding, I discovered an effigy of confidence and valiance, a pattern of true societal affection and trust, an institute of discipline and justice, a star and authority to all gallant police officers in Ghana.

DCOP Angwubutoge Awuni was the finest police officer in his previous jurisdictions especially the Nima Division. This area which happens to be a flash point and doubles as the home of hardened criminals was calmed by his exceptional demonstration of security sagacity.

Mr Awuni again, In April 2012, courageously detained a minister of state for allegedly interfering with the national electoral registration process. This action was stupendous in quantum because an "anointed" citizen [politician] was touched. It consequently propelled faster heart beats amongst his immediate family and friends who were witnesses to political victimizations in Ghana.

DCOP Awuni does not seem to cower to any situation. He is readily apt to defend every single action he executes. During the Labour Union demonstration which took place barely a month ago, this police capo was misconstrued for supporting demonstrators with a police band and an oral endorsement: “ I told the policemen going for the demonstration duty to be civil when they set off and to avoid anything that could dent the relationship between the Police and their civilian counterparts. I added that when, after all, the taxes are reduced the benefits would come to us all since we are all workers. I added that at the end of their service they will all return to civil lives”, he maintained.

Wow!, This was a brilliant response from the police officer to a section of the society who misinterpreted him and vilified him for being unprofessional.

Furthermore, DCOP Awuni explicitly commanded his men to shoot at any violent cattle that is directed at them. He said this while briefing officers deployed to maintain order relative to the present tensions between aggrieved citizens and Fulani herdsmen in the country.

This comment was challenged by a security analyst at the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping centre but the fearless Awuni in a sharp hit back dared the security analyst to tread on the field with his expertise and that was the end to all the critics in the country.

This was an intelligent and brave officer every policeman wanted to work with; a compatriot to our erroneous society.

He deserved a national honour and a higher public office of trust, but unfortunately, man is subject to the law of wear and tear.

In spite of his transition from this world ,we shall not despair or weep because he has paid his full dues towards humanity . We shall not even bid him a good night since police officers police around the clock.

"Sar! ,we know you are still the commander of the heaven metropolis together with all our fallen comrades."

We salute you!

Akanyibah Thomas

Bravo /Swat



Columnist: Akanyibah Thomas