Kan Dapaah and others are targets of mafia prostitutes

Albert Kan Dapaah Albert Kan Dapaah

Sun, 12 Jan 2020 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

There is a video recording of Hon Kan Dapaah purportedly in some form of amorous phone conversation with a young lady. And so what!

Let me state that there has been a consistent effort to denigrate the office of the President by setting up government officials in such lewd videos, this one being the mildest so far. The motive of those behind this disgraceful effort to mar the reputation of the Presidency is in twofold: a) to have the target person sacked in order to have that position, and/or b) to use the video to demand ransom. Little did the prostitute know that she was being used as bait for a grander scheme!

Many high profile people have fallen for such ploys, and have saved their skin by paying to have the video set aside, albeit each time the assailant is broke, the video is used as a trump card to extort money. That is exactly what has featured prominently in the fourth republic.

I remember during the days of President Kufuor, he was being maligned by one Gizzel. Of course the then NDC stoked the cinders. John Dramani Mahama was not spared the shenanigans of his own people when he was filmed with an erection as long as the shock absorber of his Ford Expedition getting ready to hit Alban Bagbin’s secretary in her office. The photo was everywhere on social media. Nevertheless, Honourable Kan Dapaah will not for such mischief.

These things are normal. So long as the act is not done in an office of government, it is perfectly ok. Those who live in glass houses must not throw stones. 99% of men in Ghana have concubines and girlfriends that they care for much better than their own wives. So let us not begin to call for anyone’s head because those very people crying foul are culprits anyway.

This video of Hon Kan Dapaah is a 2018 production. Those behind it tried to make it go viral then, but failed. They tried releasing it in 2019 again, but still failed. They used a different ploy to get Kan Dapaah and failed again. Apparently, their New Year message to Hon Kan Dapaah this time is the resurrection of the video. Well, I reckon that if there are more videos, the perpetrators will ask their prostitute contact to release them. That is when we will take them to the cleaners with some of their filth that will shake their very foundation. Until then, we will monitor developments, patiently. Let them know that no matter what they do, the President will never appoint them in such a high profile and sensitive position as Minister for National Security. #DirtyTraitors.

No matter what they do, these backstabbers will never be able to soil the Presidency or retard the progress of the President in making Ghana Great Again.


Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi