Ken Agyapong's honesty raises questions about why he messed up his political career in this manner

Kennedy Agyapong In Suit Ken Agyapong

Thu, 27 Oct 2022 Source: Joel Savage

Humans are imperfect because they make mistakes, but some NPP politicians have never in their whole careers, starting with the time they were chosen to serve Ghana, spoken the truth. Even though I frequently attacked Ken Agyapong and expressed my disapproval of his desire to run for president, there are some aspects about him that indicate his positive sides. Despite the fact that some people have made mistakes in the past, there are occasions when we need to remember their positive deeds.

Does Ken Agyapong realize that one day he wants to be president of our nation, the highest office? In my opinion, no. As it has occurred to all of us numerous times, we often regret doing things we shouldn't have. As a result, I am confident that Agyapong may regret doing some things that he will keep private, but for which he has made a clear commitment not to repeat. To be very honest, Ken Agyapong has consistently displayed his honesty among the NPP politicians.

When Agyapong remarked that many of the judges are foolish, many people saw it as an insult. However, from another perspective, we don't have to say that it is disrespectful to the judges because he is merely trying to ensure that the proper thing is done. I've never been happy with Ghana's judicial system personally because it's also to blame for widespread corruption and political criminality in the nation with impunity. When the law is lax, dishonest politicians will take advantage of the situation to steal, and a journalist will also raise the price of a Christmas tree.

Like Agyapong, I've never been a fan of former American President Donald Trump for a variety of reasons. He is racist, insulting, and haughty, exactly like Nana Dankwa Akufo Addo, our president, but all of a sudden, I started to admire him. Bill O'Reilly, the former Fox News journalist in 2020, he tried to get Donald Trump to elaborate on why he appreciated his Russian counterpart, Putin, after calling Putin a killer, during an interview.

Donald Trump looked at the journalist’s face and said, "how innocent the United States itself was? Saying it had made a lot of its own mistakes." No American leader is willing to say the truth, thus this particular response even shows how sincere Trump is. The World Health Organization will claim that bats are to blame for Ebola even though the US government is to blame for various man-made diseases in Africa, including HIV, Aids, Ebola, Nodding disease, and others.

Considering the fact that many NPP politicians will never say it, there are some things Agyapong has said that show he is a sincere person. He said, "The NPP politicians are not sensible at all, read my lips," without any regret. Although he may be despised for it, the truth is that he is ensuring that they act morally. Although opinions vary, that's how I see it.

The only NPP politician I am aware of who began criticizing his government before the economy collapsed is Ken Agyapong. Would anyone recall the following article: "Ken Agyapong's Lamentation Shows Akufo Addo Is Responsible for the Corruption at the Ports?" He claimed that "heavy duties" in Ghana make things difficult. He emphasized further that the NPP government's future is being threatened by excessive port tariffs in Ghana. Although this individual is not an economist, what he claimed has already occurred in Ghana today.

More significantly, he claimed that the reason he visited the Ghana Revenue Authority was because the government had instructed them to collect 39 billion annually. (I'm not sure if he's referring to dollars or GHC 39 billion.) But "just because they gave them the order doesn't mean they had to hike the CTC costs." Akufo Addo was revealed in this way by Ken Agyapong as one of the perpetrators of the widespread corruption occurring at the ports. Who among the NPP political figures will say such things?

I've written several articles exposing how the US government supports numerous corrupt countries around the world, including those in Africa, demonstrating how corrupt the government is. I've previously written about how international governments lend money to Africa while robbing the region of more cash than they grant. Kennedy Agyapong keeps up with both local and international politics.

He claimed that "the World Bank and the IMF are two organizations undermining Akufo Addo's government to fail. The article "Corrupt IMF And World Bank? - Ken Agyapong Confirms The Truth About An Article I Wrote" was inspired by the assertion he made. In that previous article, I asserted that corrupt multinational corporations steal resources from underdeveloped nations with the cooperation of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

As a result, nations become indebted and rely on foreign aid while pretentiously telling the world that corruption is the primary cause of poverty. Whether the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have something to do with the collapse of Akufo Addo's government, I can't prove it. but the truth is that the government has really failed and everything is in crisis. That's why I acknowledge Kennedy Agyapong as an intelligent politician within the NPP.

This week, Kennedy Agyapong made headlines once more by threatening to name individuals responsible for the nation's illegal mining industry. This is another instance of his honesty. When evaluating and assessing NPP politicians, Kennedy Agyapong is the only one I believe to be more intelligent and have a better chance of excelling in politics. Sadly, many things have discredited him. The only piece of advice I can provide him is to apologize to Ghanaians and go on with his life because power belongs to the people.

Columnist: Joel Savage