Kennedy Agyapong Goes Mad Again

Sun, 26 Aug 2012 Source: Bawa, Abdul Razak

By Abdul Razak Bawa

The self-styled business magnate and Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin North Constituency in the Central Region, Kennedy Agyepong, last week Friday, staged another nasty spectacle at the Domestic Terminal of Kotoka International Airport, hurling insults and curses on workers of Starbow, an airline company plying Kumasi, Tamale and Accra.

While “throwing his weight about”, the enraged legislator loudly declared that that he would buy his private jet if the New Patriotic Party(NPP) led by Nana Akufo-Addo win the December 7, presidential polls.

“I swear to God that I will buy my own Jet next year, because of this Starbow people, they are useless”, shouted Kennedy Agyepong, who never misses an opportunity to extol his own virtues while portraying others as lazy, poverty-stricken and brainless.

‘’This is not the first time, they are doing this to me, this is what they always do to me” Mr. Agyepong continued, to the surprise of many passengers, who were also at the Airport to catch a flight to Tamale, Kumasi and other destinations.

The despicable incident happened when Kennedy Agyepong missed the flight that he was scheduled to travel on to Kumasi, as he failed to make the time for the flight, but rather went haywire when he was informed the flight had departed.

The Herald scouts present at time of the incident confirmed that the time on his ticket had elapsed, so it was out of place for Mr. Agyepong to be raining insults and curses on the management and staff of Starbow, a local private airline reportedly owned by a friend of ex-President John Agyekum Kufour, Anthony Sawoud, the man who was at the centre of the Hotel Kufour controversy.

Some of the passengers at the scene wondered if he intentionally delayed so he could get the opportunity to fly into tantrums and declare his eligibility as a billionaire.

During Ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor’s tenure in office, Kennedy Agyepong was once in a near fisticuffs with the Managing Editor of the “Daily Dispatch”, Ben Ephson, at the Airport when he was returning from the United States of America (USA).

“Go and ask my friends and mates at Adisadel College, they would tell you about me, do you know who I am?” Kennedy screamed at the airport because he was asked to go through formalities by Custom officials.

Being privy to the unruly behavior of the MP, Ben Ephson carried a story on the spectacle, for which he had a clash with Mr. Agtyepong on air.

The MP has always been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Quite recently he was quoted as having attacked the President John Dramani Mahama whiles in Germany, saying the President had no integrity.

Not too long ago, speaking on his own radio station “Oman FM”, he made genocidal comments, inciting Akans to slay Ewes and Gas who were in the Ashanti Region.

“Today, I declare war in this country, Gbevlo-Lartey and his people, IGP should know this. Voltarians in the Ashanti Region will not be spared. If anyone touches you, butcher him with a cutlass”, Kennedy Agyapong said inciting Ashantis, against Ewes and Gas.

Torgbui Kporku, a chief from Alapkle in Keta District of the Volta Region in an apparent response to the war declaration described Mr. Agyapong as a “congenital lunatic”.

Columnist: Bawa, Abdul Razak