Kennedy Agyapong is disgrace to the

Kennedy Agyapong  Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central

Fri, 8 Jun 2018 Source: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem

When President Akufu Addo did not appoint Kennedy Agyapong as a minister of State, majority applauded him with hopes and trust in him for being a visionary leader though they were some who thought the so-called firebrand of the party was been cheated in the scramble for spoils of offices under the stewardship of president Nana Akufo-Addo after their resounding political victory which the controversial MP was believed to have played significant roll in terms of finance and time.

But the President was focused.

Our elders say it is because of the evil thoughts and intents of the donkey that God Almighty denied it horns.

Kennedy Agyampong's all time cacophony of noises, unwarranted attention seeking stuns, outright contumacy, his obvious publication of arrogance and advertisement of ignorance on any leadership or political discourse in the country, there is no doubt, was the same brainchild behind the silence of the president over his appointment as a minister.

Since his coming to the political front from Assign North to Central as MP, he has been one political nuisance and a very well celebrated fifth columnist to our republic in his belligerent posture and loose talks, that are capable of invoking a disgusting "continental embarrassment" upon the good citizens of Ghana out of uncontrollable bitterness through his needless, thoughtless, reckless, and meaningless verbal crucifixion and attacks always launched on both his own party, the NPP and the main opposition party, NDC.

But a baby can only play with its mom's left nipples but never the testicles of its Dad.

Now that he has turned upon the TigerEyePi with his unfortunate ballooned ego to discredit the company in order to puncture the efforts of Anas Arimeyaw Anas, Ghanaians, though tolerable and gullible, would show him, that if a fool does not understand winking of the eye, a heavy knock has always been enough!

His recent sense of "political pomposity and paranoia", a rebranded and repackaged inferiority complex shamelessly showcased in his utterances with regards to Anas' Number 12, is a clear sign of failure of leadership on his part as he continues to seek irrelevant attention with the lamest argument, that Anas Arimeyaw Anas' modus operandi in exposing, naming, shaming, and jailing the now "technically advanced thieves" of our beloved republic whose merciless and continuous looting of our collective treasury, that as a result, has subjected the country to an inescapable octopus of hardships, as problematic and ethically unacceptable and for which reason the award winning investigative journalist must be unmasked, is a clear case of "language of wine" if not Tramadol, on the part of Honorable Kennedy Agyapong.

Doesn't this untamed chatterbox know, that in a dilemma of two evils, the levelheaded individual always goes for the lesser evil and never the one he never tried before, and therefore using subterfuge as a lesser evil to expose the rot of corrupt public officials even if that would make some families breakdown, is far better than having few families breaking down the rest of the citizens?

And if he doesn't know this, with all due respect, Kennedy Agyapong is an embarrassment to the principle of legislation!

For a people Representative to argue that an investigative journalist's "deceptive methodology" employed in tracking down white collar criminals in order to protect the public purse should be questioned and rubbished because criminals who are caught siphoning the meagre resources of our dear country are undergoing frustrations, family wreckage, losing their jobs, and paralyzing, hence the journalist rather be punished, amounts to cerebral challenges accentuated by abuse of drugs on anybody's part!

For 'Honorable' Kennedy Agyapong, opening one's mouth wider and shouting louder than thunder to meaninglessly add voice to whatever that is being discussed, is lawmaking.

How then can we grow and attain development as a third world country if so-called representatives of the people are direct enemies of progress.

I was particularly very impressed that Parliament was said to probe the rot premiered by the TigerEyePi, at least unpatriotic critics like Kennedy Agyapong who have been accused of being drug barons behind the scenes as the secret of their massive wealth, would be put to shame.

Or, is the controversial Member of Parliament suggesting that if Anas Arimeyaw Anas is to investigate the accusations and allegations levelled against him as a drug overlord, he the journalist should go and have breakfast with him and in the course of that the journalist can make it known to he Kennedy Agyapong that he has come to investigate his genuine source of income?

Even security agencies who go on missions to tracking down dangerous criminals, go unaware to their victims and never at their invitation.

I find it awkward and unfortunate that comments and reactions of Kennedy Agyapong regarding Anas' number 12 video, was really put out there by a full Member of Parliament who represents a section of the suffering masses.

How many times does the Honorable openly tell Ghanaians the burden he's carrying in his constituency with regards to donations of cash to the constituents for purposes of school fees, medical bills, and other utility bills, sponsorship of funerals, weddings and others?

Has the the National Cake been shared evenly and misapplication, misuse, misappropriation of public treasury by corrupt officials like those shamed in the number 12 video are avoided, would Ghanaians languishing in the degree of "wahala" they find themselves today?

Why can't we appreciate the efforts of concerned citizens?

I personally suggest critics of Anas Arimeyaw Anas' Number 12 be investigated by the CID, because these are obvious enemies of progress whose patriotism and loyalty is highly questionable as citizens and must be shown where they belong if found culpable of any wrong doing in this current mess!

Long Live the TigerEyePi,

Long Live Anas Arimeyaw Anas,

And Long Live Ghana.

Columnist: Iddrisu Abdul Hakeem