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Kennedy Agyapong’s Apology Just Hollow

Sat, 25 Feb 2012 Source: Jackson, Margaret

By Margaret Jackson

There is this anonymous ancient proverb wrongly attributed to Euripides that “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

The Member of Parliament for Assin North, Kennedy Agyapong, who simply does not know or understand what the word honourable or subtlety means, has been running fowl with his mouth ever since he was elected a parliamentarian. It seems not even the Pope of the Catholic Church he attends can counsel him or call him to order. The man seems to be running amok and pulling down everything he sees in sight, hence his penchant to spew garbage or pure rubbish anytime he gets to the microphone. It seems Ghanaian journalists have developed some kind of fondness for Agyapong which is why he is always given the platform to say the kind of things he says.

Ever since Kennedy Agyapong acted as the first person to raise concerns on the unlawful ¢51 million debt judgment paid to businessman Alfred Woyome, he has been trying hard daily to tag President Mills to the scandal. In fact he had on multiple occasions even impugned that President Mills knowingly authorized the payment to Woyome, a charge he is yet to prove with his stack of documents he claims to have, (I hope you remember Kweku Baako).

Things however came to a head last two weeks when Kennedy Agyapong on Radio Gold declared that President Mills is a thief. A sound bite to that horrible statement was created by Radio Gold which they played multiple times during different segments on that day for listeners to hear those unpalatable words from Kennedy Agyapong, who claims to be a parliamentarian.

Kennedy Agyapong did not stop there but took his imprudent and coarse deeds to the NPP’s hurriedly arranged rally dubbed, “The Gargantuan Rally” at Mantse Agbonaa, James Town in Accra on Saturday, which was addressed by Akufo-Addo and some leading members of the NPP.

When his turn came up to address the rally, Kennedy Agyapong, who has said it multiple times that he fears nobody in the country and will say anything that comes from his stomach damn the consequences, again labeled President Mills as a “first class thief”, and went on to say that the NPP under Akufo-Addo would jail him.

Some sensible and reasonably Ghanaians felt that Kennedy Agyapong, the man who does not even know how much he is worth, but directed those who want to know to contact his cousins and close associates to find out, this time round crossed the line. Even some NPP die-hards felt uncomfortable but expressed their disgust to Agyapong’s unprofessional ranting quietly. But the NDC folks did not allow matters to rest as they rained on Agyepong by pointing out to him that it is the most insulting and disrespectful behaviour ever to come from a parliamentarian to an elected president of the land.

The heat the NDC and other prominent people in Ghana turned on Agyapong became so unbearable that for the first time in his life Agyapong like Nebuchadnezzar, who was brought down by God, turned into an animal, had his hair grew like eagles feathers and ate grass as the oxen, went on air and made a lame apology to President Mills for calling him a “first class thief.”

Ghanaians who were properly brought up and coached by their parents and other relatives and friends would testify to the fact that in this country when you wrong somebody and sincerely want to render an apology you reach out to the person. You either go to the person, call the person on the phone or issue a statement to that effect. You do not sit on the Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem’s segment for the presenter to force an apology from you. This is un-Ghanaian. This is hokum. Therefore, the so-called apology coming from Kennedy Agyepong to President Mills is simply concave and will not fly.

If you even listen attentively to the professed apology, you will find out that Kennedy Agyepong was not apologetic, but was rather trying to blame the media for sensationalizing his comments to inflame passion, hence his call on politicians not to be at the beck and call of the media because some media practitioners cannot set the pace for politicians. What a way of dancing around your own shi-.

I do not know if the children of Kennedy listen to him on radio and television as he spew gibberish, and the kind of comments or advice they give to him. With the exception of those who chase after Agyapong for his money, many wise thinking Ghanaians will be extremely embarrassed if even found hanging out with Agyepong. Reason being that this man apart from being hollow and hot-headed seems not to know why the NPP and his constituents sent him to parliament. He simply does not know what it takes to become a parliamentarian. He has simply lost it, which is why the gods seem to have made him mad.



Columnist: Jackson, Margaret