Nana Akufo Addo is not on drugs

Thu, 25 Aug 2011 Source: Damptey, Daniel Danquah

. Rather some appointees of the President are! Finito!!!

Se aponkye se obema wo fever aduro a, hwe ne dwonso. Literally translated, it means if the goat promises you a recipe for fever, just look at its urine. He who partakes in a stolen thing is himself a thief.

Over the years, the NDC as a party has made concerted and desperate attempt to tarnish the image of our Presidential Candidate with the tag of being a cocaine addict. The nefarious contraption has made this reckless accusation without providing any iota of evidence. Despite the denial by the candidate himself and the rebuttal of such unsavory allegations by those of us who have known Nana for a very long time, the satanic agents in the nefarious contraption still persists in the satanic ways. We will leave them to the devil to deal with them, for surely such people have sold their souls to the devil.

The origin : The serial liars and those taking the primrose way to eternal damnation claim that the allegation that Nana Akufo Addo was on drugs was first made by NPP members through text messages during the 2007 Presidential Primaries. This is not true. Kofi Wayo, that “wayo” and “con man” was the first man to come out with such nonsensical and reckless allegation. He claimed it was Ken Kuranchie who first told him Nana was on drugs. This was vehemently denied by Ken during a verbal confrontation with Satanic Kofi Wayo on air.

Vice President, John Mahama integrity on the line: I issued a challenge sometime ago to the Vice President to confirm a statement he had earlier made exonerating Akufo Addo from drug usage. At that time, he was quoted as saying he knew the allegation was not true and would have negative effect on the country in the event of Nana being elected President. Till date, our Vice President, maybe for fear of being taken on by the hawks, hyenas, vicious snakes, vultures, rabid dogs and hyenas, has not deemed it fit to come out to condemn such outrageous allegation.

For the last time, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, I know you will read or be told of this challenge. Please, if you are indeed a man of honour and integrity as you would like to portray yourself, be your real self and shame the satanic agents in your party by coming out publicly to debunk such a senseless allegation. You have done it before. Nobody forced you to do so. Why are you “chickening” out at this time? Failure to publicly come out to state what you know about the issue would make some of us believe in what majority of Ghanaians are saying about you – that you are not a true gentleman after all.

Utterances of Mills appointees: The reckless utterances of people holding very sensitive and responsible positions in Mills government portray them as being very high on some stimulant like cocaine. Nowhere, and I repeat, nowhere, in the civilized Comity of Nations, apart from Mills Ghana, will you have people holding such sensitive portfolios as Ministers or Deputy Minister and Special Aides to both the Number One and Number Two Citizens of the country coming out with such outrageous statements or allegations against some Senior citizens of the country. Sometimes, those allegations border on criminality and are so senseless that that a ten year old will just dismiss with the mere wave of the hand. Yes, they have to defend government policies, but should it be at the risk of their own integrity? Does it make sense to defend the indefensible?

Kwadwo Adu Asare saw the light today when called for the abrogation of the STX deal during the newspaper review segment of the Agenda on Net 2 on Friday. 19th August, 2011. He had been an unrelenting defender of the deal, but when it dawned on him that the end had come, he has advocated for the abrogation of the contract.

But can we say so of appointees in Mills government? No! You hear of Ministers and their Deputies referring to a whole ethnic group of people whose product is Ghana’s economic mainstay as “typical kokooase nkurasefuo” and a citizen of Ghana as having too much of the derogatory “Kumasi thing” in him. What is that Kumasi thing, ne may ask? What would make a normal human having been kept in his mother’s womb for six months say such a thing if he was not high on some substance?

What about a Special Aide who was not at a meeting but was kept outside to act as some sort of security who quickly came out to reel out figures to the public claiming that he had been mandated to speak to the press. The information he gave out was far from what actually transpired. What do you make of such a person? Who mandated him to speak and why the rush? He was forced to eat his humble pie. Why did he have to make the statement in the first place, knowing very well that it was untrue? Obviously he was acting under some form of stimulant. I am not the one saying it but his reckless statement and demeanor indicated that

There is the case of one woman who thinks too much of herself and is a Deputy Minister. Any statement that comes out of her mouth smacks of someone who obviously is not in control of her self. For a whole Deputy Minister to go on tangent and make such reckless accusation without proof about a flag-bearer of a political party leaves much to be desired. She was on air to accuse her fellow female of campaigning for her drug-addicted boyfriend to become President of the country. Not happy that her reckless and irresponsible statement which is capable of causing fear and panic had not had any impact on the discerning public, she once again resorted to gutter language unbefitting of a person of her caliber by referring to Akufo-Addo as a sexy old fool.

Haba, woman! Are you married? And how do you treat your husband at home? How uncouth could you be? But I am not surprised. You never expected to get that position and in your complex you want to prove to all and sundry that you have arrived. If, for pittance, you could degenerate to such a level by making uncomplimentary remarks about the Rawlingses who put their lives on the line to make you what you are, then one has to question your level of sanity. If there is nothing wrong with that, then the only conclusion one can come to is that, you were very high on some “substance”. Finito! My only conclusion about his woman is that he has a crush on our flag-bearer and so sees any lady in the NPP as a potential rival. As our flag-bearer is not paying any attention to her amorous advances, she has resorted to the use of intemperate language to denigrate the man of the4 people, who happens to be Nana Akufo-Addo, the man the NDC loves to hate.

Then, we have one man-woman, who wants to become a white African by attempting to change the colour of his skin. Would any person worth his sauce attempt to change the colour of his shin in this twenty first century? Please, tell me, for I stand to be corrected. Yes, this is the man-woman who has attempted to make mockery of our flag-bearer by saying “Nana Akufo-Addo makes sense only if he keeps quiet”.

But readers should please look and the comportment and the demeanour of the person making such an unsavoury remark and tell me if the person has anything in him to make him act the “man” he claims to be. Here is somebody whose attempts to crack jokes make him look like the legendary Don Quixote attempting to fight the windmill. What was on his mind when he made that “capricious” and whimsical statement? Was he high on the substance without which most NDC members cannot dance to the party’s musical tune of insults? No wonder, this “man-woman” blames his creature for giving him a black skin instead of white. How he hates everything black! And yet, this man-woman has the guts to take on our flag-bearer.

I should be failing in my duty of telling the truth the way it is if I do not comment on that Jezebel of a woman who has lost all traces of human kindness in her. Again, let me ask if she too is married? If she is how the husband does cope with her okro and abusive mouth? This woman drove instructed her driver to drive through a human barricade and was proud to dare anybody to confront her for her inhuman and ungodly act. No sane person would ever do such a thing. Even, Hitler, in spite of his hatred for the Jews would not have condescended to such a level. Was she sane at that time or she was high on her usual “substance”.

We are told by the Holy Books not to condemn nor judge somebody, but I make bold to say that this woman with uncharacteristic Ghanaian traits is doomed for the lowest abyss. The devil itself would not like to accept her into his kingdom. She should not think that we have forgotten her attempt to carry out genocide against the people of Abomoso. No, we have not forgotten. Her day of reckoning is coming and it will be sooner than she expects.

There is another woman whose mouth cuts like a knife. She has been insulting people right from the time she learnt how to talk. It was alleged she had a hand in the death of her husband. Even though she has denied it, I have no reservations in saying she actually played a yeoman role in the unfortunate demise of the poor man. A few years back, she like her female colleague in the previous paragraph drove her vehicle recklessly and in the process killed a man. Instead of showing remorse, she said it was the man who crosses her vehicle. It was even put out that the man was insane.

But the hatred of this woman for members of our Great and Noble Tradition knows no bounds. Sometimes, I wonder how people could carry out hatred to such a ridiculous extent. This woman, when the previous NPP regime relocated some market women to another place, went there after a heavy downpour to pour out insults on the Kufuor’s Government. When she appeared before the Vetting Committee of Parliament, she said all those things should be put aside because they were campaign talks.

Now this woman has put up two mighty structures within a space of two and half years. When questioned, she said” O yea, I have done it. What will you do? Yes, this woman was accused by her party chairman of running a one man-woman show under the influence of some substance. Her insults and arrogance make her a likely candidate for the Devils Kingdom.

The number of appointees in Mills Government who are very high on drugs are very many. Time and space will not permit me to write on all of them. I shall pause her for the time being.

But, wait a moment. I nearly failed in my duty of doing a nice analysis of the subject matter. There is one mean man whose antecedents and facial expression make him a likely candidate in the use of that hard substance. Merely looking at his face will convince you that, indeed, this man is addicted to the substance. His cardinal principle that the NDC Government should not fail because the use of ‘akakabinsem” “patapaasem”, “atuturasem”,” nkontompo” and “nnabramma” can alter the people’s verdict and give the fumbling and wobbling Mill’s administration a clean bill of health. True to type, during the 2008 elections, he was alleged to have imported mercenaries from neighbouring Chad and Burkina-Faso to cause mayhem in some polling stations in his home constituency, thus staging a constitutional coup against his people and Ghanaians.

He was at it again, but this time, with the power of incumbency on his side. He urged his supporters to bully, beat up, torture, destroy or main any person of a different tradition who contradict him/her in public. It was terrible. You should have seen this man, as id he was possessed by the devil jumping from place to place and urging his supporters to keep up the heat on his political opponents. What was it that made his supporters that they did not like the face of our former General Secretary and a Member of Parliament, and shat he should be evicted from the polling station where he was serving as our accredited party agent? No doubt, they were under the influence of some hard substance, probably given them by mentor and aggressor.

Between Mills and The Kufuor’s Government, who has done a lot to stem the tide of the drug menace? That will be the focus of my next write up. I shall also analyze the allegations of drug usage against our flag-bearer with a view to rebutting the charges against him. It shall include a comprehensive detail about the de-confiscation of both Benjilo and Raymond Amankwaah’s assets.

The time has come for all Ghanaians to brace ourselves for the great task ahead and say to Mills and the NDC: Enough is enough. No more lies from your uncaring Government. We don’t want a Government where the ‘Cedi will be appreciating the dollar’.

Mills says he will hand-over peacefully in January, 2017. We are saying, No, Mr. President, you’ve got to go in January 2013. Whether you like it or not, you will hand over to Our President in Waiting, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. This is the people’s verdict. We’ve had enough of Government by incompetent lots and inhalers of “hard” substances.

The Past cannot be changed. But we must work through the Present in order to shape the Future.

Daniel Danquah Damptey(damptey_daniel@yahoo.com)0243715297

Columnist: Damptey, Daniel Danquah