President Mahama has neglected the good people of Bole

Sat, 5 Mar 2016 Source: Zakaria, Alhassan

The Gonja Development Association is concerned about the state of Bole, the hometown of President John Mahama .We can sadly say that the President the Member of Parliament and the DCE who all hail from Bole have woefully failed the people of Bole ,Bamboi and surrounding villages.

It is by the grace of God that the people of Bole survive. the people of Bole, Bamboi and surrounding areas and should I say the Gonja state,have been fiercely loyal to the President and the National Democratic Congress but they have nothing to show for that loyalty ,not even decent public toilets, schools good drinking water and even a library.

Bole ,i has no market ,no factories no infrastructure to boast of. While the President makes money and lives well in Accra, the people of Bole continue to wallow in abject poverty.

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority has also forgotten that Bole i is part of the Northern Region. No officer from this authority has visited the town or implemented any program me to create jobs for the youth, who spend their time playing draft and drinking ATE, a locally brewed drink spiced with leaves.

Other frustrated youth travel to the south and engage in galamsey .Last year 13 young men died tragically at a village near Kintampo . President Mahama was informed about this but he did not contribute even to the funeral even though it involved 4 of his own family members .He would rather be sharing monies with and NDC comrades at flagstaff house to buy authority and influence

The president claims he is building so called community schools. We dare him to show where the community school in Bole is being built . There is only one school Bole Senior high school and if that can be called a school then my mother’s kitchen in Damongo is better.

Students in this school wash their clothes and dry them on the road. They sleep outside on mattresses and have no toilets.

The sad thing about sanitation defies belief. One has to go to the bush and squat to attend the call of nature. There is not a single public toilet in Bole, even though the President and the MP have received several appeals.

It is significant to note that the President rarely visits the town and only bought a 4x4 for the Bolewura to fool him and keep him quiet but for how long, when the people are suffering!

President Mahama ,the DCE and the MP for the area know and believe the people of Bole will follow them blindly and vote for them even if they don’t do anything for them. After all, we are one family they say!

The people of Bole would not be fools forever .Every day for the thief, One day for the master.

Alhassan Zakaria

Chairman, Bole Development Association



Columnist: Zakaria, Alhassan