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NCCE praises Ghanaians for political stability in the 4th Republic

NCCE praises Ghanaians for political stability in the 4th Republic

Sat, 5 Mar 2016 Source: Abdulai, Alhaji Alhasan

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is full of praise for Ghanaians for helping to promote high level of political stability and democratic growth unprecedented since independence in 1957. The organization which is charged with sensitizing the people on civic education reminded the people to continue supporting Ghana by taking part in the electioneering processes leading to the election of our next president and parliamentarians in November this year. In an official statement outlining activities of the NCCE for this year titled “MY GHANA; THE POWER OF ONE” the NCCE reminds Ghanaians that in accordance with article 42 of the 4th republican constitution of Ghana , registered voters in the country have a civic duty to perform by turning out massively in a peaceful atmosphere to vote in this year’s general elections that will elect a president and members of parliament to lead the governance process of this country at all levels for the next four years.

The NCCE says “it is important to note that since our return to constitutional rule, Ghana has enjoyed some appreciable level of political stability and democratic growth which is unprecedented in the country’s history since independence”.

However the organization says these achievements have not come without challenges the key ones being the level of indiscipline which has gripped all sectors of our society. For solution to this the NCCE has entered into cooperation with the Council of State to begin a campaign to deal with the menace adding , however in an election year it is imperative that the problem which has the potential to trigger electoral disturbances is tackled to promote a free, fair and peaceful election.

The NCCE says that , In its public education program in 2016 it will focus on pertinent issues affecting the electoral process.

These include the ongoing public education on the growing levels of intolerance, polarization, thuggery and the use of intemperate language on airwaves and political platforms among others which among others will be intensified as a matter of urgency to stem the tide of unnecessary tension.


The NCCE wishes to apply the following strategies meant to promote issue based campaign at all levels to promote a free, fair and peaceful election 2016.

• A research of matters of concern to the Ghanaian voter will be conducted.

• There will be series of encounters with leading presidential aspirants on key matters of the elections including presidential dialogue on party manifestoes, supremacy of the constitution, the culture of tolerance and the respect for all electoral regulations.

• Parliamentary candidates’ debates will be held in all 275 constituencies.

• There will also be series of engagements with political party youth activists to promote non violence before, during and after the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections.

• Inter Party Dialogue Committee (IPDC) will be activated to promote healthy political activities at the constituency levels through constant dialogue and engagements with all key actors including CSOs.

• Quarterly dialogues will be held to engage the general public on key national issues affecting the elections.

• There will be Collaborative peace and conflicts engagements in flash-point areas with the National Peace Council.

• There will be Collaboration with the Electoral Commission and National Media Commission to enhance public education on key processes and purposes affecting the elections.

• There will be Engagements at the community; village or town levels across the country to promote tolerance in the electoral processes will be undertaken.

• There will be post elections engagements to sustain the gains made and towards promotion of unity and national cohesion

• There will be media engagements to promote partnership and enhance visibility of the operations.

• The commission in all it does will ensure closer collaboration with relevant State Agencies, Development Partners and Civil Society Organizations


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Columnist: Abdulai, Alhaji Alhasan