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Thu, 24 Mar 2011 Source: Acheamfour, Baah



The hypocriscy of President Mills has come to bare as every Ghanaian has now known that people like Kobby Acheampong expresses the inner feelings of President Mills. The President who may not directly come out to insult would hide behind people like Okudjato Ablakwa, Kobby Acheampong and their like to insult those who don’t share the same sentiments with their President. The President has never called any of these uncultured guys to order.

The President promoted Kobby Acheampong to the Ministry of Interial after he has succeeded insulting those who are not living in Accra as having a narrow horrizon and that unless you live in Accra you are likely to be uncivilized. Any responsible leader should have called such uncivilised person to order but to my surprise and to the surprise of many Ghanaians the President kept mute and on top rewarded him with a Deputy Ministerial possition.

A sentitive Ministry like Interial needs level minded person and people with critical thinking not the likes of Kobby Acheampong who due to his high level of ignorance will leave his post only to insult people of high credibility. Kobby Acheampong called Nana Addo “Fruit Cake” only because he was coming up with ideas that their party lacke. That reminds me of a saying that little mind discuss people but great mind discuss ideas. It was base on this, that Nana Addo brought about the idea of a Ten (10) year development plan, which was a great idea. Because Kobby Acheampong is a little minded idiot, he never considered discusing the idea, rather rained insult on the person who brought up the idea.

If Kobby Acheampong wants to know those who are truely mad, then, he should ask Hebert Mensah to direct him to people in his own party who see humans as trees and cannot even recognize people he meets in the morning when he meets them in the afternoon because that is a clear receipe of madness.

Fifty percent (50 %) of Ghanaians voted for NDC to take over the adminiistration of this Nation and as they promised, they should think of how they can put money in their pockets and not to persistenly insult their opponent. Politics of insults have been persistent in NDC because their principle is: the more you insult the higher position you are rewarded with. This has been the possition of the President. This has pulled a number of power drunk politicians in NDC into that lane. As to whether it is healthy for Ghanaian politics, Prof. Mills holds the answer. If anyone wants to doubt the President’s involvement in politics of insults, these are credible examples:

Asiedu Nketia called 17 aspirant of NPP in 2007 as “thieves”, during his contest to become the General Secretary of NDC. President Mills supported and campaigned for him. All because he can insult. Okudjato Ablakwa poured all sorts of insults on NPP during the 2008 campaign and beyond, President Mills rewarded him as a Deputy Minister of Information, Kobby Acheampong insulted Akans as being ‘villagers” and President Mills rewarded him with a Deputy Minister for Interial. As if that was not enough, have you forgotten Baba Jamal (Aki) who also rained all sorts of insults on NPP? The President in his usual style did not forget him and has now promoted him to the Information Ministry to work hand in hand with Okudjato (Porpor) his brother. All these attest to the fact that the President, Prof. John Atta Mills whole heartedly supports politics of insults. I want to send a sign of caution to the President that if he has succeeded dividing his party the NDC and has accepted to be a one term President, he should leave Ghana as united as he came to meet.

I always call Kobby Acheampong a Native Fool because every aspect of him sounds folish. I have never heared him discusing issues of credibility or issues that will bring properity to this nation.

I remember Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey once made this quoted statement “I am not suprised about the performance of NDC because I knew very well they are not in to perform”. I deem it right. How would a Government perform if it has people like Kobby Acheampong as Ministers.

On Tuesday, March 22- 2011, Akosua who is a Pot at Daily Guide found it difficult to answer a simple question and I would want to help her answer it. Any way, I am madly sure Akosua knows the answer but since she pretends not to know, I would want to help her in that respect. The topic was FRUIT BOFROAT MATHEMATIC. And the question goes ; if sir J is equal to Cocoa Ase Kuraseni and Messy Villager and Nana is equal to fruit Cake Find Kobi (Kobby). Even an elementry child will be able to give you a straight forward answer. Kobby Acheampong is equal to useless, uncultured balderdash Native Fool. That is who Kobby Acheampong is.

I would want to ask whether is this same Kobby Acheampong who one German writer acussed him of his involvement in homosexuallity and the organization of such programmes in Ghana? I only want to know.

If that is the same Kobby Acheampong, then I think its wise enough ending my story.

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Columnist: Acheamfour, Baah