NPP: Kennedy Agyepong Has Warn Akufo Addo

Thu, 7 Jan 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The Assin Fosu legislator Kennedy Agyepong has issued a strong warning to his supporter Akufo Addo the 70- year-old man to refrain from the mafia style dirty politics he has exhibited in his ongoing campaign for the NPP national chairmanship. Kennedy Agyepong Akufo Addo’s financial supporter insists that it is hypocritical for Akufo Addo,a 70- year- old man, to come out publicly and support his preferred candidate Jack Obetsebi Lampty who will never become the NPP national chairman.

The essence of Kennedy Agyepong’s anger is this, Agyepong said during the 2008 NPP presidential nomination race, Akufo Addo the 70-year-old man was making unfounded allegations against President John Agyekum Kufour that he supported Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng. Akufo Addo made this campaign issue everywhere he went. Akufo Addo told them that He was the party’s candidate but Alan was actually the Kufour Choice. This was one of his dirtiest campaign tactics he used against Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng. Kennedy Agyepong believes Akufo Addo is a hypocrite for accusing Kufuor and yet he turn around and comes out openly and does the same think he accuses Kufour of by supporting Jack Obetsebi Lambty to become the next NPP National chairman. The 70-year - old man Akufo Addo believes if he helps Obetsebi Lambty win the NPP chairmanship position this will enable him to win the NPP presidential nomination this year. Akufo Addo believes Jack Obetsebi Lambty will orchestrate his dubious election tactics as Peter Mac Manu and his Criminal counterpart Lord Commey did for him at the 2007 NPP national delegate conference at the University of Ghana. Kennedy Agyepong concluded issuing his strong warning to Akufo Addo the 70-year-old man by saying if Akufo Addo continued to surround himself with losers like Jack Obetsebi Lambty, Nyaho Tamaklo and his old cronies like Appeteng Appiah Menka. Akofu Addo would cry at the next NPP national delegate conference for the nomination of the 2012 Presidential candidate. Kenned Agyepong has now realized that NPP members cannot continue to rely on their old system of choosing their leaders, many of whom have no vision.

However, Kennedy Agyepong also has acknowledged that Akufo Addo the 70-year-old man has the tendency of taking sides to create conflicts not only in the NPP but in the entire nation. During the 2008 campaign when Akufo went to the Northern region to campaign, the Adanigate needed some assurances from the NPP candidate Akufo Addo the 70- year- old man, but his actions rather alienated them to vote against the NPP. So too were the Kusasis in Bawku alienated by his arrogant behavior. The NPP needs a visionary leader like Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng who is the best candidate to lead the nation and the NPP to recapture power for the organization in the 2012 general election.

Recently, Akufo Addo’s main choice for the Greater Accra chairman for NPP Nyaho Tamaklo badly lost the election to the Hon: Ismal Ashity who had over 250 votes compared to Akufo Addo’s Choice Nyaho Tamaklo who had just 58 votes. This is a great signal to Akufo Addo and his criminal cronies like Dan Kwaku Botwe and others who were trying to influence the delegates with their monies. The newly elected NPP executive members are yielding to a new leadership to lead the party in 2012. As result of this they are all moving towards Alan Kwadwo Keyeremateng who is a lawyer, charismatic, humble, quiet and has good administrative managements skills to run the nation and the NPP. A majority of the newly NPP executive members who were elected also believe that Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng is a pragmatic who will never accept excuses for unwanted behaviors such as womanizing and criminal acts in his administration. Kennedy Agyepong has realized that Akufo Addo, the 70- year- old man has no chance to lead the NPP in the 2012 general election; after Akufo Addo’s crony Nyaho Tamaklo lost the greater Accra NPP chairmanship to the Hon: Ismal Ashity who campaigned on Kufuor’s platform as Kufuor’s main man. The efforts of Dan Kwaku Botwe, who likes to play ethnic and tribal politics in the NPP failed to elect their choice for the Greater Accra chairmanship position. This failure has sent a clear message to them. As they often claimed the NPP party belong their fathers and their mothers, which they used to create division within the NPP organization.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi