Kofi Awonoor’s “Ghana Revolution” Sadly Dies in its Volta Cradle

Sat, 12 Jun 2010 Source: Mensema, Akadu N.

*By Akadu Ntiriwa Mensema, Ph. D.

“Ho, May 21, GNA - Professor Kofi Awoonor, Chairman of the Council of the State, on

Friday said demands for the development of the Volta Region were not parochial. He

said that "Volta Region's development is not in isolation of Ghana's development but

linked to the total development of Ghana." Professor Awoonor gave the explanation

when he explained the rationale and framework of a two-day stakeholders' forum on

the development of the Volta region in Ho, on the theme” (Ghanaweb May 21, 2010).

The World Bank of “tribal” politics

Nurtured by Prof. Kofi Awonoor

The myopic sage of June 4 Mayhem

Birthed in his sophomoric book on revolution

“The Ghana Revolution” (1984)

Chronicled in a fit of intellectual orgy

To disempowering Akans - Asantes

To celebrate the TIN-god of Rawlings

Framed in a cargo-cult of Socialism

And Awonoor is now foaming at the mouth

That the Volta Region needs DEVELOPMENT

The Volta of the World Bank politics

Where Trokosi is Queenship

Where all the touted brains

The home of the wizard of Oil politics

And they forgot about development

Masquerading as revolutionaries

Thieves in borrowed academic robes

Anarchists parading as socialists

Ewe Socialists who forgot about self-help

While Kwahus, Asantes

Akuapems, Agonas

Akyems, Denkyiras, Bonos

Built their towns

Even in the mayhem of June 4

Awonoor wanted Akans marginalized

JJ Rawlings gloried in Awonoorism

So the Ewe ideologues of AFRC/P-NDC

With their daggers drawn against Akans

Daggers drawn they forgot the Volta

Daggers drawn they forget self-help

Awonoor talks about building the Volta

The Volta, the cradle of the NDC

The Volta the kennel of who born dogs

Volta the center of June 4 politics

Whose best ideologues are Northerners

Marginalized Northerners

In the thirty years of hero-worship

Thirty years of tin-god-ing Rawlings

Thirty years of June 4 mayhem

And most of the victims were Akans

Siaw Tata

Safo Adu

Bonsu Brothers


B.B. Bismarck

Kofi Awonoor

The poor, penniless professor

Who grappled with Ewe oral poetry

Found a filthy kennel in JJ Rawlings

And Awonoor lost his head

When Liman came to power

Awonoor summoned the return of JJ

A revolution of socialist breadbasket

Socialists who have never read a Marx

Socialism of educated thieves

Awonoor the messenger of violence

The shallow revolutionary

The Trokosi-prophet of Ewe hegemony

The ideological craftsman

The ideologue of JJ’s fake revolution

He who sustained the revolution

That turned out to be devolution

Awonoor he who arrived with a sword

Insisted on marginalizing Akans

Instead of developing Ghana

Came up with “The Ghana Revolution”

Thirty years later

JJ Rawlings the Ewe tin god

The last of the predators

To ever rule Ghana

Did nothing for the Volta

JJ dried up the Volta

To build his personal wealth

To anchor his posh boats

Boats bought for him

To ferret out mosquitoes

On a Valentine’s Day

When fire was celebrated at Ridge

Boats bought for him

By his anonymous friends

Who have done all for him

Paid for his kids’ education

Paid for his fleet of cars

Paid for kerosene for his fire

And so the Keta Sea Defense Wall

Became a Trokosi-child’s toy

In the hands of the Ewe elite

Thanks to the NPP

The selfish Keta Sea has abated

Kofi Awonoor’s “Ghana Revolution”

Has found its real home

The great home in his Ewe backyard

Where development is Trokosi

Where Trokosi is Queenship

Awonoor’s reckless revolution

Is now at home in search of its cradle

Cradle and kennel of June 4 violence

Violence antipodal to development

*Akadu N. Mensema, Ph. D., is a nationalist Denkyira beauty. She is a trained oral

historian cum sociologist and Professor in the USA. She lives in Pennsylvania with

her great mentor and teaches Africa-area studies at a college in Maryland. In her

pastime, she writes what critics have called “populist hyperbolic, satirical”

poetry. She can be reached at akadumensema@yahoo.com

Columnist: Mensema, Akadu N.