Kojo Bonsu Now An Official Of Sports Ministry?

Wed, 9 Dec 2009 Source: Prah, Prince

Asks, Prince Prah

Mr. Kojo Bonsu, a self-styled football administrator who has harbored the dream of becoming the chairman of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) since Adam, last week, ‘impersonated’ himself as an official of the Sports Ministry in Ghana.

The embattled businessman and publisher of the Agoo magazine, who lied blatantly earlier this year that he was one of the financiers of the jet that took most of the Hearts and Kotoko women to the finals of the CHAN tournament in January when indeed it was a Military Task Order, on Friday, brought the name of Ghana into disrepute after he introduced himself as an official of the Sports Ministry to FIFA’s international relations officer, Jerome Champagne.

Like Muntaka who also introduced his ‘girl-friend’ as an official of the same ministry to the German Embassy in Ghana before acquiring a visa for her for them to jolly-ride to Germany, Kojo Bonsu had wanted to know how much Ghana would earn from participating in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Jerome Champagne, who was surprised because Kojo’s name was not on the official list of the persons accredited for the event quickly went to inform the team who were properly accredited that a certain Ghanaian has approached him and introduced himself as such and wanted to know certain things which was privy to members of the GFA.

Listening to the sector Minister, Mr. Rashid Pelpuo on Oman Fm on Monday I was very shocked as he kept beating about the bush.

On the misconduct of the NDC’s shadow FA President he said, “Yes it might be true, I went to the source (Jerome Champagne) of the information and the source confirmed it but I haven’t had the chance to speak to Kojo.”

“I did not send him to do that; I haven’t even delegated any assignments to him before so it came to me as a surprise when we were told at the table,” the Minister added.

According to the Minister, Kojo Bonsu was in South Africa after he was nominated by the government to represent the country.

Shockingly, the addition of chief agitator cum chief image maker of the Atta Mills government, Mr. Kwesi Pratt popularly called KP whose, 12-page newspaper has nothing about sports but rather writes about freeing ‘the Cuban 5’ was nominated. The question is who nominated him, is it the Ghana Journalists’ Association (GJA) or Private Newspapers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG)?

Kwesi Pratt was on radio saying that he got only $500 for his stay in South Africa at the taxpayers’ expense and I dare him to give it out to the Osu Children Home like the promotional stories he has been running for his fellow Fanti and I will write a whole feature about his gesture and it will change my perception about him too.

Kojo Bonsu begun his diabolical move by distributing miniature flags in the colours of Ghana just to attract the attention of the media and FIFA executives before the draw, I hear.

In the early hours of the day, Kojo Bonsu is said to have approached FIFA’s international relations officer, Jerome Champagne and introduced himself as an official from Ghana’s sports ministry representing the government at the draw.

Kojo Bonsu went ahead to inform Jerome Champagne that government was spending almost $6 million to prepare the Black Stars for the World Cup tournament.

For this reason, Kojo Bonsu requested to know how much Ghana would earn for participating in the Football roll-over prize in South Africa and also asked of the Public Interest Committee (PIC) which he could not defend when he raised it after a document had been circulated by some faceless cowards.

Am reliable informed that the information about how much Ghana will get from the World Cup has been made available to the Minister when he attended the Team Seminar, this information is on the web that is FIFA’s site and every nursery kid who knows how the internet works can get it.

By his actions, is he suggesting that the Minister is incompetent like he is or may be when you are a cadre you have access and right to everything within the Mills government.

Am told that Jerome Champagne, who was disappointed by the actions of Kojo Bonsu, first told Randy Abbey and Kofi Nsiah about the shameful and childish acts of a so called football administrator.

Randy Abbey informed the FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi who also informed the Minister about it and the two men together with Fred Pappoe went straight to Jerome Champagne where he confirmed the nauseating questions he was asked by busy-body and a walk-about at the castle.

The Sports Minister, Mr. Rashid Pelpuo was shocked and dismayed that Kojo Bonsu could go to that extent of misrepresenting the country whilst he being the sports minister was present to represent the country and he has every reason to.

Kojo Bonsu, who is widely believed to be in close links with some officials of the ruling NDC government, is doing everything possible to oust the current leadership at the GFA and I can bet him he will never get the seat come 2011 like how the Kotoko seat eluded him.

To show his ineptitude, he run away from one of the radio stations which was championing his useless cause when the spokesperson of the FA confronted him there and that same night also took to his heels when he was scheduled to meet the FA President on Metro TV’s late night talk-show, Good Evening Ghana.

It is alleged that Mr. Kojo Bonsu could not even account for the performance monies given to Ghana when he was an agent for Adidas when the Black Stars got to the finals of the Nations Cup hosted in Senegal in 1992.

As for his sidekick who cannot I and repeat who cannot account for the numerous transfer monies of players by a premiership club when he was in charge and banned by a committee’s a report, should wash their dirty and stinky hands of our football and allow the GFA to work.

Source: Prince Prah


Columnist: Prah, Prince