Koko seller congratulates Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather Vs McGregor Ko2 Floyd Mayweather Jnr defeated Conor MacGregor in round 10 to remain undefeated

Fri, 1 Sep 2017 Source: Bibiebome Eric Ziem

The moment I heard my mother, the koko seller busily explaining to some of her koko and kose customers how Floyd Mayweather stopped Conor MacGregor in round 10 in a fight that turned into a soppy hugging session, I knew Mama had no size in GH.

Kw33!!!! With her small radio by her side at her koko joint, Mama can tell you everything happening in the world but I sincerely did not expect a boxing review from her.

As good a storyteller as she is, she has a way of making her koko customers listen to her with all attention as she jumps from one news review to the other, while she still serves her customers.

Anyway, Mama is always not right: she told the women around that Floyed Mayweather is a Ghanaian from Bukom, I wonder where she had that information from.

She also told them that Mayweather has 500 cars and a 100 story building filled with cash….eeee!!! Mama. Well, those information notwithstanding, Mama had a point when she said that Mayweather worked so hard, and is now greatly enjoying the benefits unlike the Ghanaian worker who works for almost all his life and goes home with practically nothing-all because SSNIT has chosen to dance with workers’ money in the wrong direction and with the wrong partners.

Obviously, SSNIT has proven over the years that it is like Popcorn that adds little value to the human body and as it is to be expected, the blame game is on and JUST ONE person is being punished for allegedly carrying Degrees he conjured from places other than from academic institutions. My Mother the koko seller thinks that a lot and a lot of heads must roll whether they are bald, grey hair head, or resemble an acute angle.

This week, Ghanaians have seen a lot of bad news flying left and right like the way Mama’s kose dances in hot oil. The former deputy Agric Minister, Mr. William Quaitoo, resigns because of the flatulence of his mouth. Surprisingly, his sudden condemnation has turned into commendation from many Ghanaians because he did what many Ghanaian Public Office Holders did not do or are not doing….... RESIGN ….RESIGN ….RESIGN…for opening their mouths wider than the length of their trousers.

Also in this week, our good old friend, corruption, is here with us as usual. The darling boy of NPP, A-Plus, has accused some members in government in engaging in corrupt activities. In a very predictable fashion, A-Plus chose to veil his accusations in words that show that he did not read ‘Etiquette for Boys and Girls’ during his primary school days. Hmmm….he says even Mahama, he did not fear him…. My mother the koko seller says someone must call him to order before he ruins both his stomach and the hands that feed him.

After listening to Mama and her commentary on the unforgivable mismanagement in the system, my prayer to God was that if I am ever to be created back to Ghana again, God should not make me a human being but rather one of the GHc50 notes so I can feel how money rule in Ghana: how some public holders sell their value for money; how monies for the hard working ordinary citizens end up in the hands of few greedy bastards; and finally, how money makes some small brains become ‘deciders’ for this country.

To conclude, my mother the koko seller has just a simple message for SSNIT, “When a man cheats on you once, shame on him, when he cheats on you twice, shame on you.” The Ghanaian pensioner has resurrected and he is coming for his money.



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Columnist: Bibiebome Eric Ziem