Koku Anyidohu is a hypocrite extraordinaire!

Fri, 12 Feb 2016 Source: Adofo, Rockson

A few days ago I read some publications on the Ghana news websites on the internet about the NDC Deputy General Secretary, Mr Koku Anyidohu. He was lambasting that notorious loud-mouthed baby-faced presidential staffer with sharp teeth, Sam George. He promised to deal with him personally by taking that syndrome of youthful exuberance that compels him to insult or disrespect the elderly out of him.

Mr "toady" Anyidohu's momentary effusion of anger and frustration was subsequent upon the election of Mr Ivor Greenstreet as the flag bearer for the Convention People's Party (CPP) and how the mouthy small boy, Sam George, once mocked his disability.

Mr Greenstreet at the NDC party Congress held in Kumasi to elect their party leaders said when given the opportunity, that Ghanaians were not feeling the "Better Ghana Agenda" as being widely touted by the government and the NDC faithful. What he said was the gospel truth.

However, Sam George went on air to denounce Mr Greenstreet and his assertion by claiming that Mr Greenstreet who is wheelchair-bound, needs elevation to see the government's Better Ghana Agenda. By him, he cannot see the benefits of the Better Ghana Agenda when sitting in his wheelchair but standing hence his sarcastic remark.

Coming back to Koku Anyidhou who impersonates the names of Margaret Jackson and Nana Akua Tweneboah Koduah when publishing his views on the internet news portals, he pleaded for forgiveness for Sam George and the NDC party in his congratulation message to Mr Greenstreet upon his election as the CPP flag bearer for Election 2016. He claimed to be on his knees begging Mr Greenstreet to forgive the party for the overt humiliation he suffered under the hands of Sam George who behaved irresponsibly. At the same time, he issued threats to Sam George amid planning to call him to the NDC party headquarters to teach him a bitter lesson.

Hardly had a few days passed to calm his anger when I have been informed of his threats to deal with the Roman Catholic Church in Ghana. The ignorant Koku Anyidohu in a machismo manner has promised to shut down every Roman Catholic Church in Ghana, moving from one town to the other locking down the churches one after the other and also dealing with the Roman Fathers one by one if he had the power.

Find below an excerpt from his threatening speech.

"Speaking at a workshop organized by the tertiary students confederation of the NDC in Ho ,Mr Anyidoho said the catholic church in Ghana especially its bishops around the country are full of liars, hypocrites and charlatans who do not deserve to serve in the priesthood let alone wear a cassock.

Koku said if he had the power he would close down these churches. I will go round the country and close down every single Catholic Church and defrock these useless Bishops! - he said.

He said the Head of the Catholic Bishops conference Bishop Osei Bonsu was mad to suggest the suspected detainees brought into the country by the government should be sent back" – Source: The Ghanaian Lens

Is there any difference in character between Sam George and Koku Anyidohu when it comes to their expressions of disgust for the Ghanaian public, especially the elderly? These two irresponsible beings think the more they insult, and remonstrate against anyone who says anything that displeases President Mahama and the NDC party, the better they are placed to be in the good books of the president.

They do not see themselves as servants ready to render services to Ghana but as Lords to lord themselves over Ghanaians. What the heck are they treating Ghanaians as their slaves!!

Koku Anyidohu is not only an opportunist but also, a hypocrite extraordinaire. He is the same as Sam George, if not worse, when it comes to their display of sheer stupidity, intimidation and ignorance. Koku Anyidohu and Sam George, their VALUE IS THE SAME.

Anyidohu, please cease being a hypocrite extraordinaire (extraordinary!!!

Rockson Adofo

(Written on Thursday 11 February 2016)

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson