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Konadu Agyeman Rawlings: The Worst is Yet to Come

The constitution of Ghana allows every qualified Ghanaian the privilege and right to contest for the president of the republic. However, not every Ghanaian is fit to run for the grand office of president. Obaapa Konadu Agyeman Rawlings falls into the latter category. Constitutionally, she is as qualified as every other Yaw, Akua, Manu and Mansa. Morally, she is as unqualified as Donald “Bad Hair” Trump running for president of the US. Below, I outline a couple of points as to why in my candid opinion Obaapa Konadu Agyeman Rawlings is unfit for office.

Blood on her hands

Obaapa’s hands are tainted with the blood of innocent Ghanaians just like her husband Jerry John Rawlings. That her husband was able to slaughter, murder, and kill his way into the presidency does not mean Ghanaians and the NDC party in particular should make the same mistake twice. The untimely death of the judges has been traced to the doorsteps of Konadu Agyeman Rawlings. Evidence shows that the keys of the car used to carry out the killing were handed off to the perpetrators by Obaapa. She and her husband are directly and indirectly responsible for the death of numerous innocent Ghanaians. This is the last person Ghanaians need to occupy the highest seat of the land. This is a blood thirsty woman who has killed before and will kill with impunity if given the chance again.

Vindictive and Petty

Another reason that makes Obaapa unfit for office is that she is very, very, very, very vindictive. She is known to retaliate in full against anyone and everyone for the slightest slight. A boyfriend of one of her then teenage daughters was arrested on the orders of Obaapa, jailed in the Castle, and given a very degrading haircut. What was the crime of this libidinous young man? Did he insult his ‘mother -in-law’? Did he insult his ‘father -in-law’? Did he assault his girlfriend? No, no, and hell no. He did none of the above. His only crime was to end the relationship with the first daughter. Yes; that was his only crime. ‘She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed’ felt so slighted by this puppy love incident that she had the boy arrested and molested by solders at the castle. In another show of vindictiveness, ‘She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed’ had the husband of her own sister jailed because of political disagreements. Haruna Atta was jailed at a time when the wife needed him the most. The wife had just had a baby.

There are reports of cabinet and regional ministers being fired because of perceived slights against ‘She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed’. Regional ministers were wary of any tour Obaapa undertook in their regions on behalf of her 31 DWM. Ministers were fired because they failed to bow low enough to Obaapa or did not kiss her bony butt enough. District Chief Executives (DCE) were fired when ‘She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed’ toured their districts and was not satisfied with the level of support the local 31DWM was receiving from the DCE. This is the sort of person who wants to become president of Ghana: Blood thirsty and vindictive. God have mercy.

Rawlings fatigue

Ghanaians have had it with the Rawlings. After 19 tumultuous years under the Butcher of Dzelekope and his co president Obaapa, Ghanaians are intent on moving on. We are still healing from the cruel, murderous, and thuggish activities imposed on us. Shit bombing, abuse of power, petty jealousy, ‘castle haircuts’, arbitrary jailing, imprisonment without trials, abductions, etc are the legacies of the Rawlings. The 19 years misrule of the Rawlings can be referred to as the darkest days of Ghanaian politics. Fortunately a new dawn has emerged and we as a people do not want to go back into the dark days anymore. If no one will say it, I will. Ghanaians are sick and tired of the Rawlings.

Ugly inside and outside

Obaapa in addition to her dark soul is plain ugly on the outside. She has no charms, has no dress sense, and her scrawny bony face reminds me of the back of a Mack truck. We want a president who is easy on the eyes, has some charms or charisma and will not cause children to burst into tears on her approach. Obaapa can apply all the beauty treatments in the world including soaking for endless hours in a Jacuzzi; she will still remain butt ugly. She can don the latest kaba styles by imported designers; she will still look like a vulture. She is power drunk and so is her husband, the future ‘first idiot’. The ideals of June 4th and 31st December have been abused by the golden couple to feast on the flesh and souls of Ghanaians.

Ghana is not a Rawlingstocracy-Country ruled by people named Rawlings. This is a country of 22 plus million people. One Rawlings is enough in a lifetime. I will advice the Rawlings to acquire a huge tract of land somewhere in the Afram Plains and go and live on it: Far from people. I dedicate this Ode to the Mrs. Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.

Promotes herself as a prude

Who’s to tell the queen she’s nude

Her bony ass exposed to the multitude

Her shrill voice demanding rectitude

From the weak cowed into servitude

While she is mired in moral turpitude

No class, no respect, just rude

Fancies herself a lady of class

Bloated ego, full of foul gas

Never afraid to make an ass

Of herself or Jerry John- the badass

Bankrupt with a broken compass

Blind ambition led to this morass

No skill, no talent, just crass

Carries herself like a patriot

Parading in her fake chariot

Accompanied by her compatriot

Jerry John future First Idiot

Her potty mouth so adroit

In inciting the masses to riot

False prophet, teacher, and griot

Comes of bitter as bile

Pugnacious, bellicose, and hostile

Poisoned the country with her vile

Preying on the weak like a pedophile

Decent folks to deceive and defile

A cobra she is to the docile

False pretense her public profile

Okofrompa Asantiniba Kwame Appiah

Columnist: Appiah, Okofrompa Asantiniba Kwame