Heroes’ Fund They Say? NDC Should Better Come Again!!!

Mon, 1 Aug 2011 Source: Amponsah Stonash

It is said that a nation that does not honor its heroes is not worth dying for! This is also true for every institution and organization.

Heroes have come and gone and sinned, within all spheres of life. We’ve had the Martin Luther Kings, the Malcolm Xs, the Marcus Garveys, and the Bob Marleys among many others in the outside world. In Africa, we’ve had the Nelson Mandelas, the Haile Selassis, the Steve Bikos, the Patrice Lumumbas, the Kwame Nkrumahs, the J.B. Danquahs, and the Busias among others.

The names of the above mentioned personalities among a lot of others can never be obliterated from history, because of their gilt-edged display of resilience and tenacity in serving humanity by promoting equal rights and justice at the peril of their lives. They distinguished themselves, and thus have been perpetually dignified to have their names—as revered ancestors—to linger on, in not only the minds of persons alive, but in those of generations yet unborn.

Their heroic honorarium comes in the form of a raised statue, or being named after established foundations, streets, monumental edifices, etc.

But certainly not the doling out of money!!!

The less said about the recently held CNN “Heroes 2010,” with the likes of Evans Wadongo, Susan Burton, Narayanan Krishnan, Anaradha Koirala—personalities who have distinguished themselves by the helping humanity within their environment—the better.

Reading a publication on www.ghanaweb.com, on 11 June, 2011, with the caption, “NDC launches Heroes’ fund”, sent me gasping for air, especially realizing the import of the of the publication.

Did they say “Heroes” fund?

Or do they mean funds for the purpose of honoring those political lunatics within their party who tinkered with the law and intimidated the citizenry during the 2008 elections; or, are they talking about those who caused bloody mayhem and chaos in the Chereponi and Akwatia by-elections; or, is it about funds for the Azoka boys who are renowned for their notoriety and inhumane conduct; or, is it about the greedy foot soldiers who went berserk, seizing toilets and other governmental projects when the NDC took over the reign of governance?

Honoring heroes by the NDC government, will never be better than to have ensured good governance, which effectively would have stabilized Ghana’s economic, social, energy and democratic status as a nation, thereby improving the livelihood of the citizenry who themselves are the electorate which approved Prof Mills as the President. Didn’t Prof Mills say he is father for all; why would he then supervise over such impious contrivance which propagates nothing other than an act of divide and rule?

No hero surpasses the ordinary Ghanaian who forsakes all his/her daily routines, and who stood for hours in the scorching sun, just to uphold the democratic principles of our nation, resulting in his election as the President of the republic.

So, if Prof Mills and his NDC have anything better to offer so-called “Heroes,” they all had better wake up from their slumbers, and sail their better Ghana agenda in the proper direction, since the course they are currently jaunting on has already been kowtowed by poor governance, resulting in untoward hardship in all facet of life of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Didn’t I not also hear Prof Mills saying that he is “a peace loving person” (Asomdwee hene)?

Then why would he sit and watch his party whip-up the tendencies of atrocities and brutalities by this Mephistophelian strategy in the name of a ‘heroes’ fund’?

Clearly this “Heroes” fund is an indictment, as well as a smack of hypocrisy on the part of the NDC, as a whole; and, the character of Prof. Mills in particular as a “peace-loving” person, who represents a party of similar claim, is preposterous!

The days of “let the blood flow,” where Ghanaians came under the callous and obnoxious conduct of the self-honored military juntas are over. Ghana suffered a lot from those barbarities. And, one would expect that the mechanisms which give credence to a peaceful democratic dispensation should be promoted, but not the contrary.

In any case, how is the “Heroes” fund going to be sourced?

Is it the tax payers’ money which has already been expended enough by the likes of Stan Dogbe, Muntaka, and the GAME in winning the just ended NDC congress?

The answer to that question alone adumbrates that there is much more to be desired. Otherwise, one is forced into believing that this inept and bogus “Heroes” fund’ is a result of wanton fear and panic in the camp of NDC, as we go to 2012 election. Clearly, knowing how woefully they have failed Ghanaians, stemming from the apparent loss of trust and confidence by the citizenry, it is evident that the NDC is meaning to intimidate the electorates, but that will not wash!

Discerning Ghanaians are watching, and will speak—with one voice—on 8 December, 2012, in order to boot the NDC out of office for their lies, incompetence, corruption, and hypocrisy.

These are just some two cents’ worth of an ordinary Ghanaian.

Amponsah Stonash Communications Group – NPP New York.

Columnist: Amponsah Stonash