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Kudos to the Ghanaian media for their stance on galamsey

Galamsey 33 Nobody can build Ghana to a prosperous nation to the admiration of all except Ghanaians

Wed, 17 May 2017 Source: Rockson Adofo

The entirety of the Ghana media is highly commendable for their unanimous stance taken against the uncontrollably devastating legal or illegal surface mining (galamsey) going on in Ghana. The power of the media in supporting or fighting an action is like the pen which is said to be mightier than the sword. Again, in unity lies strength and this is proven by the recent action by the Ghana media in rallying behind President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in fighting the ecological savagery in perpetuation by foreign and local galamseyers.

Without the support of the media, the President might have encountered a herculean task fighting the entrenched, but havoc-wreaking illegal surface mining masterminded by some irresponsible politicians, traditional leaders and orchestrated by some illegal Chinese nationals resident in Ghana. However, with the clarion call by the media to all discerning Ghanaians that care about our future and our very survival in our own land as well as that of the unborn, to declare intensive war on galamseyers to rescue our lands, water bodies, etc., from annihilation under the hands of these selfish and short-sighted individuals called galamseyers, the President will realise his objective.

Nobody can build Ghana to a prosperous nation to the admiration and expectation of all except the Ghanaians themselves. Therefore, we should all be supportive of the wise and most admirable action collectively taken by the Ghana media to arrest the decadence that has propelled some Ghanaians into seeking to enrich them by destroying the very God-endowed (nature-endowed) fabric of our human existence in Ghana. Without arable land, potable water, and clean air to breathe, how can Ghanaians survive? Therefore, I am very appreciative of the collective action taken by the Ghana media in fighting to rescue our lands and water bodies from total destruction by both local and foreign (especially Chinese) surface miners.

No amount of purposeful blackmailing should be enough to obstruct us from pursuing the good cause of eradicating galamsey from Ghana. There should not be any tolerance for legal or illegal galamsey activity in Ghana judging from the destruction the galamsey menace has already caused to our lands and water bodies.

Much as I appreciate the efforts by the media to fighting the gangrened galamsey, could I invite them to always rally in support of all genuine initiatives to fighting corruption of all sorts? It is only by honestly fighting corruption, the bane of Ghana’s socio-economic emancipation, that Ghana could become a place to be proud of and cherished by all meaningful persons.

Our politicians, traditional leaders and so-called overlords have oftentimes been the perpetrators of these very crimes that have brought Ghana to her knees.

Could I subsequently invite the media to look into the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute to take the appropriate action to ensure that true justice without any acts of inducement to twist the truth takes place? The facts are already glaringly in the public domain for all to see.

Should the media that have now seen the light, continue to do the right thing without being influenced as they used to be under former President Mahama, judicial corruption, institutional corruption, Chinese taking our leaders to ransom to destroy our ecology in the aggressive pursuit of their selfish interests and some so-called traditional overlords reaping from where they have not sown will all cease.

In all these, I thank His Excellency President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for being so resolutely determined to ensure that justice and the rule of law prevail in Ghana under his regime.

Once again, I doff my hat off to the Ghana media for relentlessly rallying support for the fight against galamsey in Ghana.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo