Kuffour's World Food Prize Is An Insult to Injury to Ghanaians

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 Source: Fela o Fela

How can a president under whose watch rice importation in Ghana went from $100m to $500m plus get an award for hunger eradication?

How can a president under whose watch, for want of "political persecution" and manifestation of his TRIBALIST agenda (the great ashanti project) stall the Aveyime Rice Project which would have cut Ghana's rice importation by a 30 percent, and thus enabled his own brother, George Kuffour to become thus number one rice importer to Ghana enjoy free tariffs actually be given an award for hunger eradication? How???

How can a president under whose watch all subsidies enjoyed by Ghanaian farmers and local food producers and manufacturers were all removed due to his incompetent government's ill-conceived HIPC initiative thus sending food prices to skyrocketing heights actually be given an award for increasing food stock in Ghana?

How can a president under whose watch so many vibrant poultry farms collapsed due removal of subsidies and local market protection actually receive an award for increasing food production in Ghana? Where were these increases?

How can a so-called President who numerous programmes in food production and mechanization (Presidential Special Initiatives) all failed miserably amidst so much fanfare and massive propaganda which funds redirected to off-shore accounts by no less a person than Allan Cash Kyeremanten, his protoge and political godson, actually muster the courage to go out there and lobby for, and accept such an award, then turn around and even dedicate to the very same good people of Ghana that he had starved for eight long, horrible years of derisible misrule?

Someone please tell me that the world is coming to an end to make sense of such travesty of justice...please!

How can a president under whose watch food prices skyrocketed to astronomically high levels hitherto unseen in Ghana actually receive an award for "phantomly" achieving the opposite? How?

How can the president under whose watch tomatoes farmers were committing suicide over government programme's failure to purchase his $50,000 worth of perishable produce?

How? What an insult to injury, eh??

How can a president under whose watch the slighted increase in cocoa production was rather due to the Civil War in Cote D'Ivoire hence cocoa farmers of the number one cocoa producing nation were smuggling cocoa into Ghana actually take credit for increasing cocoa production....Ewurade???

FOOD PRICES UNDER KUFFOUR'S NPP (courtesy of NDC forum for setting the record straight)

• How can the John Agyekum Kuffour claim and having been giving a World Food Prize for having improved the lives of the people over the last eight years,2001-2009?


The Good people of Ghana have not so soon nor can never FORGET the following ordeals under the erstwhile Ashanti Emperor:

• When a gallon of kerosene HAS MOVED FORWARD from 4,500 to 57,000 cedis •

• When a bag of cement has HAS MOVED FORWARD from 17,000 to 100,000

• When a single room has HAS MOVED FORWARD from 15,000 to 300,000

• When the electricity bill per the first 100 units paid by the average Ghanaian HAS MOVED FORWARD from 10,000 to 122,000 cedis a month

• When a sachet of pure water HAS MOVED FORWARD from 100 to 500 cedis

• When a loaf of bread HAS MOVED FORWARD from 1000 cedis to 20,000 cedis

• When a tin of milo HAS MOVED FORWARD from 3,800 to 42,000 cedis

• When a tin of milk HAS MOVED FORWARD from 800 to 8,500 cedis

• When one olonka of gari HAS MOVED FORWARD from 2500 to 15,000

• When a bag of maize from HAS MOVED FORWARD 100,000 to 850,000

• When a bag of rice HAS MOVED FORWARD from 50,000 to 600,000 cedis

• When a ball of kenkey (without mentioning fish) HAS MOVED FORWARD from 200 to 3000 cedis

• When fresh coconut HAS MOVED FORWARD from 500 to 4000 cedis

• When a bar of key soap HAS MOVED FORWARD from 3000 to 22,000 cedis

• When a bottle of Coke (that is Coca Cola) HAS MOVED FORWARD from 600 to 4000 cedis

• When even the price of nature’s call in a KVIP HAS MOVED FORWARD from 50 cedis to 2000 cedis?



Fela o Fela A Political/Communication Strategist of the "ruling" National Democratic Congress

Columnist: Fela o Fela