Opinions Sun, 12 Nov 2006

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Kufuor's Statement, Lying and the Bible.

It appeared in the news of Ghanaweb that The President lied about some figures concerning remmitance from Abroad.

This has created grounds for the opposition parties to start uprooting the roots goodworks done so far.

I think the problems in Ghana and Africa as a whole is much more significant than our political and tribal differences.

We shouldn't allow the so called charismatic figures of the present africa like Kuffour and Rawlings as well as other Party leaders overshadow the ongoing restructuring methods of problem solutions as a result of our collective understanding of Democracy since 2001.

I deam it constructive for the image of those who were forced by unfavorable political, social and economic conditions of the past rigimes. Now if this statement sound an inconvinient truth or an absolute lies in its extremity, we have to manage the statement and compare it to other paradoxical lies in the bible. like the following.

Although the Bible commands, ?Do not lie to one another? (Leviticus 19:11; Colossians 3:9), it also contains accounts that appear to condone lying, e.g.,

The Hebrew midwives lied to the king of Egypt rather than carrying out his decree of killing all male Hebrew babies; the midwives did this because they ?feared God? (Exodus 1:15:20); Rahab lied to the king of Jericho about hiding the spies (Joshua 2:4-5) and was not killed with those who were disobedient because of her faith (Hebrews 11:31); The Lord sent a lying spirit to the prophets of Ahab so that he would go to war and die in battle (1 Kings 22:22). When Samuel goes to Bethlehem in order to anoint David for the kingship, he is worried that Saul might kill him if the people find out his purpose and word gets back to Saul. God tells Samuel to say his purpose there is to perform a sacrifice. (1 Samuel 16:2) While some see these examples as support for the idea that lying can be justifiable as the lesser of two evils (see above section), others (Davids et al 1996) disagree, arguing that the correct Biblical response is to pray that God will provide a way to avoid the greater evil without lying.

As indicated in the previous section, Jesus Christ is believed to have lied in John 7:8-10, but some Christians say that this is a superficial understanding of thinking Jesus is lying. The Feast Jesus was referring to is the Great Feast with God in Heaven at the end of the Age. Others might point out that v9 shows that he stayed in Galilee for a while, then went up, so he was truthful in saying the he was not yet going up. This has nothing to do with ones believe in The Bible. It s coated just to educate some of us about the paradox of lies.

Thanks for your understanding.

Long live Ghana

Welcome to all constructive, progressive and healthy Arguements.

Richard Nana Amoako

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Columnist: Amoako, Richard Nana

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