Kumawu Chieftaincy Case is Cruising to an End

Fri, 10 Dec 2010 Source: Fosu, John

– Could the Exposed Wurukye Stop it?

"The love of money is the root of all evil", so the Bible says. It will be recalled that one Abena Wurukye was lured with the bait of financial inducement to contend that the Kumawu Kodua paramount throne is hers. She did that at the behest of the sitting Kumawuhemaa. It was a connived attempt directed at assisting the Ohemaa to hold perpetually onto the throne.

She had invoked the Asantehene's Great Oath right in the presence of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II saying, the Kumawu paramount throne in occupation by the sitting Kumawuhemaa is hers. By extension of this postulation, she had sought to establish in effect that neither the sitting queen and her family, nor the Ananangyas/Odumases, are eligible royals able to occupy the throne. But little did she know that she was going to be caught out, and exposed in her own web of lies. Did she not assert on oath that she, out of her probable abundant kindness offered the throne to Kumawuhemaa on a silver platter?

From her written submission to Asantehene as recently published, she could be seen shooting herself in the foot every now and then and at every turn. If the Adomako Pim Family of which she claims to be a member is one of the royal families eligible to occupy the Kumawu paramount throne, which are the remaining ones? Why then did she claim on oath that the throne does neither belong to the Ananangyas/Odumases nor the Ankaases but solely herself (Adomako Pim family)?

She claims to have given the throne to the sitting queen and her family. When was that and for what reason? Why should she go pleading with the queen to accept her customary drinks in case she did present any? She claims her family has been performing time tested functions relative to the search for royals to occupy the throne when it becomes vacant, at the burial and funeral of deceased chiefs. The only role they are known to play is blocking the access to river "Annor Ko aso" whenever the Black stools are being taken to the river for traditional sanctification/purification during "Papa Nantwi festival" celebrations. They are given two bottles of schnapps and money to get them clear the way, grant safe passage to the sitting chief to proceed to the river to perform the related known functions. If they prefer to perform the additional role of "Samale" on the death, burial and funeral of a paramount chief, so be it. But they don't. Wurukye is lying here.

From my personal knowledge, known historical facts, and conducted in-depth investigations into the Kumawuman paramountcy, nobody from the Adomako Pim family has ever been consulted whenever there was a search for an eligible royal to occupy the throne. Wurukye might have seen such a search only in her dreams, I should think. She is simply fantasizing. The Adomako Pim family members have always occupied the Etiahene throne. There are various marked out and named places in Kumawu of which Etia is one same as Apebiakyere, Hyiawu, Zongo, Asikafuo Ama nntem and the recent one "Apeet33", are. Etiahene is not any different from Zongohene or Hyiawuhene if any. You can call Etia a suburb of Kumawu though suburb will not be a fitting description or word to use.

It is a fact that Akosua Agyemang Prempeh is the Obaapanin of the Adomako Pim family. I personally know this woman when she was growing up as an attractive succulent damsel of every man's jealous eye in the early 1960's. She was sparkling. She had twice taken on Wurukye in a contest and twice had she won. Wurukye is on record at Kumawu Ahenfie files as having twice lost to Obaapanin Akosua Agyemang Prempeh on the issue of who is a real member of the Adomako Pim family. Wurukye, like Kumawuhemaa has a question mark to her name on the issue of her membership as a true Adomako Pim's. How can she then litigate on behalf of, or in the name of that family with anyone as correctly asserted by Obaapanin Akosua Agyemang Prempeh "aniedinwaa?"

Nana Sarfo Agyekum II, the Kumawu Aduanahene, and Nana Nti Kwakye, the Head of the Ananangya Royal Family, have never openly claimed that there are three principal royal families eligible to occupy the Kumawu Kodua Stool as asserted by Wurukye in her written statement to Asantehene. The Ankaases have been occupying the throne ineligibly. This will be proved when it comes to the public narration of each contesting family's royal history.

How many royal families are eligible to ascend to the Kumawu Kodua Stool as in the estimation of that pathological liar, Abena Wurukye? This woman breathes lies, smells of lies and eats lies. Lying is her portion in real life. How could she stoop so low to tell lies on oath just because she had financially been induced to do so? If her family is equally eligible to occupy the throne much as others, why did she make allusion to that figurative story of two bush fowls ("akokohwede mmmienu nnk3ko obi afuo ase") fighting over possession and ownership of what is actually not theirs?

Wurukye's written submission as pertains does not make any sense to me. It totally contradicts her assertions as made on oath. The Ankaase royals who Wurukye had intended to advance their cause are not true royals. They had, and still continue to forcibly but wrongly co-opt themselves into the Kumawuman paramountcy. They originate from one "Ayo". Ayo's mischievous son, who was as well a traitor, selfish and callous person, Yaw Dabo, a snitch of course, manoeuvred himself onto the occupancy of the throne but as a Regent. Much has already been written about how he got himself onto the throne so there is no need for revisiting same narration. Anyone interested in knowing the full story can do themselves great favour by going back to read my previously published articles.

The Odumases had mistakenly supported the Ankaases to rule Kumawuman. This wrong move emanated from the pain suffered from their excommunication from the throne. When they killed and ate that only tethered bull purposely earmarked for purifying Kumawuman, Okomfo Anokye excommunicated them from ever occupying the Kumawu paramount throne. When the Ankaases came to know about this, they cleverly manipulated and worked on this weakness of the Odumases'. The Odumases might have felt and acted untowardly as many other Ghanaians suffering from the "Pull him Down" (PhD) syndrome would do - "Se eb3ko goal dee enk3 Corner" I will not go into the details of this story and how Kumawuman came to have an overall Aduanahene.

Now, Nana Sarfo Agyekum II, the Kumawuman Aduanahene in my opinion is not willing to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors. He is no longer going to pretend blind, play blind, and be blind. He has seen the light and is willing to join hands with his brothers and sisters, the Ananangyas, unite, and fight for repossession of their stolen throne as one person from the same ancestry womb – Seini Fontom.

It is not good to tell bad things about the dead or else, I will reveal unpalatable things about…, as learnt from his school and form mate at the Institute of Professional Studies (IPS) Accra. Such a person was almost single-handedly appointed and enthroned as the paramount Chief of Kumawuman by Mr. Benjamin Amponsah Mensah (B.A. Mensah). B.A. did incur the wrath of his step-brother, the late Mr Obeng, from the Odumase royal family who contested with the late Barima Asumadu Sakyi II and the late Opanin Kwadwo Tuffour, both from Ankaase, for the occupancy of the throne. Mr. Obeng was accused of being poor and of a poor family background by his own half-brother, the Founder and former sole owner of the then Ghana International Tobacco Company Ltd. The acrimony that ensued between both brothers was an eyesore. They finally agreed to disagree. Mr. Obeng decided never again to talk to his brother and he never did. Because of the sustained pain, he never attended Eno Akosua Donkor's funeral when she passed. Eno was B. A. Mensah's mother. He never attended Opanin Kwasi Brenya and Madam Akosua Boaah's funerals. They were the siblings of B.A. Mensah.

B.A.Mensah had to go through this pain simply for helping an unknown criminal to occupy the throne. But he was quick to oppose and disown the Chief when he squandered that infamous 1.5 Million Cedis (equivalent to then 1.5 Million US Dollars). The Ankaases have done more harm than good to Kumawuman. Is it not because they are not the true royals so they don't have any genuine affection towards Kumawuman and her inhabitants? I should think so. Kumawuman should be fed up with the wickedness, visionless, selfishness and greediness of not only the queen but the entire Ankaase royals by now. This inserted story about B. A. Mensah is purely "betoomu" and may not be relevant to the subject matter – false witness by Abena Wurukye. Is Betoomu not a farming area in Kumawu, Bodomase or Worase?

I hope that obstinate daughter of "Nipa Nnka" is listening. To her, I say, "If you don't hear it, you will feel it" God is assigning me to other duties so I will soon not write on Kumawuman issues but not until His Chosen One has ascended to the throne. I have a mission and I must work towards its successful achievement. God is using me as a vessel to free His Kumawuman people from slavery under the hands of the Ankaases.

Abena Wurukye has been exposed as a liar of all time. She has made herself an enemy of Kumawuman. Shame on her! No wonder she lost her case and will continue to.

John Fosu

Columnist: Fosu, John