Kumawuhemaa assertively declares her authority over Kumawuman

Sun, 7 Oct 2012 Source: Fosu, John

I am truly lost for words to describe the latest sad developments in Kumawu. I am not in the mood to tell about the loved ones, including Kwame Atakora, who have lost their lives through lorry accidents and other preventable diseases.

I am more interested about how Kumawuhemaa has lately stood tall on her feet to bully her supposed adversaries. You will recall that the youth of Kumawuman embarked on a demonstration not long ago. Their reason for the peaceful public demonstration was to both highlight and denounce the irresponsible manner in which the Kontrihene and Kumawuhemaa are disposing of Kumawuman stool lands. Moreover, they intended to establish their dissatisfaction with Kontrihene for accepting the evicted Fulani herdsmen from Agogo farmlands onto Kumawuman lands.

The outcome of the peaceful demonstration is the arrest of the ringleaders. Kumawuhemaa who is a force to reckon with in certain corridors of power in Ashanti region in particular and Ghana in general, arranged the police to apprehend them. The security forces took them to Effiduase police station. The police granted them bail on condition that they appear before Effiduase police to sign in everyday pending the preparation and completion of dockets for their arraignment.

Kumawuhemaa, as pompous talkative as she has always been, confided in some people in a vaunting air of superiority, "I will teach these useless bush boys a lesson. I will make sure they travel daily to Effiduase police station. The to and fro travels with the cost involved, and how it will affect their work, if at all they work, will teach them a lesson they will never forget. I will also make sure they go to prison. If they come out, they will never allow anyone idiots to manipulate them". If this is really the intention of Kumawuhemaa and her cohorts, then indeed, she is a wicked woman.

I do not want to share any personal views on this issue as I already have enough on my plate to deal with. The police are charging the arrested boys or men to court on Monday, 8th October 2012. I only hope that she does not offer the magistrate any bribe or any free sex to influence his decision. This is all that I will say.

I pray the citizens of Kumawuman will not withdraw their moral and financial support to these youngsters. They are heroes in the eyes of discerning Kumawuman citizens. They did not cause any damage to property or life in the course of their demonstration of which the police gave permission.

I am following the developments closely. I will make my mind known in due course. Before then, I assure you the queen is fighting a losing battle with the youngsters.

John Fosu

Columnist: Fosu, John