Kwabena Agyei Should Apologise To Whom In This Country?

Tue, 21 Sep 2010 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

In January, 2001, Ex-president Kufour told the media with confidence to the effect that the NDC would NEVER win ANY cases it has brought against his government in ANY COURT in Ghana. This was just three weeks after he was sworn into office as the president of the Republic of Ghana.

Hon. J. H. Mensah, his brother – in – law and Right Hand man also stated that the NDC would cease to exist by the time the cases brought against its former officials were completed, which implies that ALL THE TRIALS MUST LEAD TO A CONVICTION. However, on 28th February, 2002, the Supreme Court Judges held their heads against ALL ODDS and ruled that the Fast Track Court was ILLEGAL and therefore had NO POWER to try Tsatsu Tsikata. This was a legal victory not won for Tsatsu Tsikata but for the JUDICIARY which needed to shake itself from an ABRASIVE and VENGEFUL EXECUTIVE intent on exploiting them for their selfish political agenda. What then was the fate of Mallam Issah and the late Victor Serlormey who had earlier been sent to the Nsawam Prison by an illegal court called the Fast Track Court?

Nana Akuffo Addo who was then the Attorney General and Minister of Justice in Kuffour’s NPP administration completely IGNORED the human rights principle that says that “it is more serious to jail an INNOCENT person that to ACQUIT the CULPRIT. That was the RULE of LAW, the NPP way because they thought they would remain in power forever. At that time, Ex-president Kufour was in far away Australia, he cut short his visit and flew back home and hurriedly promoted the late Justice Afreh to the Supreme Court in the hope that he would tip the decision of the review in the NPP government’s favour. Justice Afreh was the Appeal Court Judge who sat as an additional judge at the Fast Track Court. His neutrality with respect to the FTC was very suspicious and the then NDC minority protested vehemently against the timing of his promotion to the extent that they did NOT take part whatsoever in his parliamentary approval because they had their SAY and Kufour’s NPP majority had their WAY and so it was and Justice Afreh’s appointment was bulldozed through parliament.

Again, on 8th March, 2002, Justice Julious Ansah, an appeal Court Judge sitting as an additional judge at the Accra High Court (Proper) to where the Attorney General transferred Tsatsu Tsikata’s case after the infamous Fast Track Court Fiaso, also ruled that Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata should be acquitted and discharged since the offence with which he was charged was committed before the law was passed. The alleged offence took place in February, 1993; whilst the law which did not have retrospective effect was passed in June 1993, yet Kuffour’s NPP government was hell bent in jailing Tsatsu Tsikata and went on to jail him but cowardly, released him when the NPP lost power in 2009. Oh! Yes, Development in freedom Indeed. Two clear days after being discharged by the Court, two policemen were sent to re-arrest Tsatsu Tsikata on the orders of Mr. Sam Awotwi, the Commissioner of Police in charge of legal affairs and prosecutions. Tsatsu Tsikata was once again arrested at his Church on a Sunday, Ghana’s Clergy was SILENT, the Ghana Bar Association was silent, the Ghana Journalists Association was Silent, our so-called Human Rights Groups were silent, our Traditional rulers were silent, our so-called Civil society Organizations were silent, the T. U. C was silent and what have you, whilst Ex-president Kufour and his NPP government did what they liked and ruled Ghana as if it was his father’s cocoa farm. The above named groups wanted and still want democracy to thrive the NPP way, but they lie bad. Ghanaians saw the performance of the Judiciary under Ex-president Kufour’s 8 years NPP regime. We had a HUGE SHAMEFUL Anti-Nkrumalist Enterprise before Ghana’s independence in 1957; Elements of that shameful Anti-Nkrumalist Enterprise falsely believe that if they attacked Dr. Nkrumah and Vilify him, the masses will abandon their rejection of the neo-colonial slavery package they have put on offer.

Who are the Elements of the anti-Nkrumalist Enterprise? They are the members of the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2010. They have now turned their hatred venom, vilification and lies on FLT Jerry John Rawlings since the AFRC era in 1979.

It will be recalled that Jerry Rawlings invented a SOCIAL VACCINE in 1979 at a time Ghana was crawling on her knees since the violent overthrow of the CPP government on 24th February, 1966.

That social vaccine invented by Rawlings was given to progressive medical officers who injected the nation with patriotism, truth, honesty and discipline and she started walking after June 4th 1979. The PNP government of Dr. Limann attempted to cripple the nation once again because he was a dyed in the wool member of the Danquah/Busia tradition. The progressive forces led by Rawlings rescued the nation once again 0n 31st December, 1981 to the annoyance of the Danquah / Busia tradition which the NPP represent today 2010.

So what are some people actually talking about today? During the June 4 era thousands of Ghanaian business men and women who refused to pay their taxes to the state RUSHED to pay everything in FULL and the National Coffers were full once again.

These NPP apologists falsely believe that if they can vilify Rawlings and the NDC, the masses will abandon the pro-people party and support the NPP to form a one party state in Ghana, but the people of Ghana now know without ANY DOUBT that the Danquah/Busia tradition which the NPP represent today has nothing to offer them but disaster, e.g. civil war and death because they have lost power to the NDC-apologies to Appiah Menkah.

However, the more they attack Rawlings and the NDC the more the people throw their support around the NDC which the NPP government bragged that the NDC will NEVER come to power again since 2001 to 2008. Today we (the NDC) are in power and Dr. Kwabena Agyei should therefore apologise to WHOM in this country? Well meaning Ghanaians who voted NDC back to power wants to know from the double faced politicians of the National Pick Pockets (NPP), National Institutions were heavily politicized under Ex-Kufour’s NPP regime. The NDC party controls the president and NOT the other way round. So the National NDC chairman has done well and he owes NOBODY an apology in this country at all. All the double faced subversionists will fail completely in this country. Shame unto those vicious elements.

NOTHING prevents the ruling NDC government from packing the courts with patriotic judges to deliver fair judgments in favour of the NDC government because Ghanaians cherish JUSTICE more than WEALTH in this country, otherwise we shall still continue to have two laws in Ghana – one for the RICH and one for the POOR which is too bad since we were all created equal by God. The NDC must also pack the courts to deliver justice. We must also amend the Constitution to allow all out going governments to go with their appointees at the Supreme Courts as it is done to our Service Commanders in the Security Services in Ghana. We must NOT play dirty politics with the people’s precious lives at all. Is that clear? Well meaning Ghanaians are watching events as they unfold with Eagle Eyes. This is a pure fresh history of Ghana which is 100% accurate. Is anybody listening? I am done

Aluta Continua

Clement Sangaparee

United Cadres Front

C/O Box 32, Obuasi

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement