Kwabena Agyei’s Letter! If Stones Are Burning In The NDC,

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Then The Trees Must Run Fast For Safety – Part 2

The letter written by Hon. Dr. Kwabena Adjei, National Chairman of the NDC to President J.E.A. Mills dated 10th January, 2012, which was leaked to the media Speaks Volumes. However, in my candid opinion, this letter should have been written in August, 2011 or September, 2011 just after the Delegates Congress at Sunyani on July 9, 2011. The letter is not timely, but it speaks for itself and simply means that the NDC is just not worth dying for again in its current situation. For how long can Cadres and Party Foot Soldiers continue to put their lives on the line for the Party to win general elections only to be treated as dummies and finally dumped?


In the said letter, the National Chairman mentioned the names of the sitting President and his Vice, as well as J. J. Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings including all the 10 Regional Chairmen of the NDC. For the purpose of this article, let me remove the names of the Rawlingses, it will remain 19 dignitaries plus the 10 Regional Chairmen totaling 29 patriotic ladies and gentlemen into whose hands the Destiny of Ghana now rest. By remaining silent in the hope of unifying the NDC Party, the NDC leadership has rather created a Gargantuan National Mess Of Gigantic Proportions throughout the Regions and various Constituencies down to the Branches of the NDC party nationwide. Portions of the Chairman’s letter reads, thus, In the Supreme interest of the Party, I have for the past 3 years, sincerely patiently taken the position of a Unifying Middle Liner between those who are perceived as major factions in the Party by many concerned and discerning Ghanaians. I have threaded this leadership path continuously hoping to keep the Party United and Stable in the strong belief that it can provide an Impregnable Political Fortress in which all members would have some unencumbered political space to realize their socio-economic aspirations “Unquote”. In my candid opinion, the NDC Chairman’s confidential letter to the President will only end up being White Washed because there are some people with a very dubious and misconceived agenda within the party who continuously Knock The Heads of Prez. Mills and Jerry Rawlings together in order to achieve their individual interests which has taken 90% of the NDC party in this country instead of fighting for our Collective Interests as a Social Democratic Party. The Deep Cracks in the NDC nationwide is NO MORE A SECRET, it is NO MORE AN INTERNAL PARTY MATTER, but a NATIONAL AFFAIR that affects the whole nation because NDC is the ruling party in government – we must see it that way. Is that clear?

Furthermore, Dr. Kwabena Agyei continued thus: “Most Party members do not think and feel that they have so far had that Political Space for which they dedicated their times, energies and resources during the 2008 electioneering campaign”. Yes, this is 100% true because thousands of Cadres and Party Foot Soldiers put their lives on the line, and some even died in the process, yet when the NDC won the 2008 elections – All doors were completely closed against them by Ministers of State and MMDCS for 3 good years in compete disregard for the President’s order telling them to open their doors to NDC Foot Soldiers. The NDC Chairman continued. Indeed, my impression is that most of our Party members do not even feel that they belong to a Party They Aggressively Defend. Yes, this is happening nationwide.


In December, 2007, 17 politicians contested the NPP Presidential Primaries and when Nana Akuffo Addo could not get the 50 +1% of the total votes cast to become the flag bearer of the NPP. Allan Kyeremateng threw in the towel and Nana Akuffo Addo became the flag bearer for the 2008 general elections. They all united immediately behind him until he lost to Prez. Mills in 2009. Why should one single person contest a sitting President in the NDC and all hell should break loose because it is Unheard Of In The NDC? Jesus Christ! Whether the hawks in the NDC like it or not, Mills will never become a one term President in Ghana, but some aspiring MPs will have to pay the price in the party in 2012.


The NDC came out with a manifesto popularly dubbed “AS A BETTER GHANA AGENDA”, yet behind the scenes, there was a Deadly Hidden Manifesto by the NDC leadership entitled “How To Define Ways Of Managing The Political Force of Rawlings when the NDC wins the 2008 general elections because, he is a loose cannon, according to Hannah Tetteh and a Barking Dog” according to Johnson Asiedu Nketia the NDC general secretary. Therefore, after winning power, all Cadres and Foot Soldiers who fought for the party to come to power were totally neglected and all doors closed on them for 3 years. They were then branded FONKAR Members, and Rawlings Boys while those who did nothing to bring the NDC to power were eating and are still enjoying with both hands, thereby applying a Bitter Ghana to all those who suffered to ensure NDC victory 3 years ago. Yes, this is Ghana where an Akan proverb says that; “S[ Wo Ka Nokware a, Y[ se Wonnye” to wit: if you are very frank and always speak the Truth people perceive you to be Arrogant And A Bad Man. You can call me a Super Bad man, I don’t care a fig. We will stand by the truth and will speak the truth always and damn the consequences. After all, who Born Dog in this country? We are fed up with those bunch of destructive infiltrators who always Knock The Heads of Mills and Rawlings together for their selfish and individual interests in the NDC government. Who is now Rocking the Boat in the NDC – Answer: The Party Leadership and the Powers That Be – and Not, Repeat Not The RAwlingses in this country since 2009 to date 2012. On the other hand, if the NDC is in a hurry to go back to opposition in December, 2012 – So be it. Therefore, if stones like Dr. Kwabena Agyei – NDC National Chairman and the Rawlingses are burning in the NDC and it seems to be un-ending, then we The Trees under them must thread carefully and ran for safety before the fire consumes us all. I shall return in the final article. Is any body listening? I am done.

Aluta Continua! Jaanbie Iwaii.


Clement Sangaparee

Municipal Organiser

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement