Kwasi Pratt Panics As NDC Head Towards Opposition

Mon, 8 Aug 2011 Source: Asare, Noah Dugubrame

The full time advocate and hired spokesperson of the NDC was heard on Radio Gold over the week lamenting bitterly as the party he has given most of his time to, takes steps that will certainly end them in opposition just after one term in office. The editor of the New Crusading Guide was in a different mood in the studios of Radio Gold where he has always felt comfortable raining praises on the Mills led NDC and condemning anything done by the main opposition NPP. Kwasi Pratt on this particular program was raising up his hands in the air saying; if you loose dont blame me, because I have done my part, blame yourselves because your performance so far is just appauling. He lamented widely of the under-performance of he Mills' government which he said will determine who wins 2012.

Pratt could no more hide his feelings on how badly the Government of the NDC has performed since 2009. He actually pointed to the difficult living conditions the people are facing under the Mills led NDC government. He said: “Have prices risen? What are the factors which have compelled prices to rise? Could something have been done about it? What is the rate of increases now as compared to the rate of increases in the Kufuor administration and previous administrations as well?” He asked. To him the difference was clear; the increase under Mls is unpresidented. The man was worried, because NDC is loosing it. The rate at which prices of goods and services are increasing is mind blowing. He knows that with such performance, NDC is surely loosing 2012. He further quized which message the "care for you" goverment will carry to the electorate considering the hardship they have brought to GhanIans. Mr Pratt quizzed and I quote; “What will be the message of this administration come 2012 with regards to increases in prices…?” Absolutely no message. They don't have anything to tell Ghanaians again. All the lies have been exposed by the under performance of Mills. And Kwasi Pratt was just waking the up if maybe they are asleep. The cry of the people is high.

He did not also fail to mention the slow momentum at which the government is working. He further mentioned how the government had ignored the issues affecting the lives of the people of Ghana and was rather engaged in petinent issues which will hardly decide who wins 2012. When I listened I remembered a word called CONSCIENCE. “The 2012 elections should not be taken for granted because this is going to be a keenly contested election and there are so many variables that need to be looked at properly,” said Mr Pratt. Pratt's conscience was judging him because 2012 is not going to be about propaganda but performance and he pratt has very little to do. He has advocated for a killer he wrongly thought will be a saviour or he intentionally preached black to be white and white to be black, I don't know which, and now the reality of how he will be linched for being such a nation wrecker is dawning on him like daylight. His conscience is making him restless.

Mr Pratt also advised the government to stop the lies because it won't help their course. He said; “…It is not sufficient to go out there and create the impression that everything is rosy rosy rosy rosy, it is time to compel people in the administration to focus attention on the needs of the people,” he persisted while lamenting the fact that in a tropical rainy belt like Ghana, people had to continue going round in search of water. Note, he said "creat impression", which means things are bad so just going out there to creat the impression that all is well is not the way to victory. People are still travelling long distamces to get portable water. The people should feel the better Ghana by themselves not by mouth. Mr Pratt was just stressing for the hearing of his masters that if they fail to win they should not blame him, but their own leadership's under-performance.

He very softly touched the inhuman nature of the NDC especially regarding how they treated hawkers on the streets and settlers whose houses has been bulldozed by government agencies in these few years. He noted how heartless the government has been towards traders who sold their wares by roadsides to make a living who have been brutally chased away by city authorities. Some lost their lives, some have been rendered totally bankrupt, others had their ears ripped off whist some died in the process. Kwesi Pratt stressed that the issue of decongestion was very critical since it could have very serious repercussions on the 2012 elections; “it can, to a very large extent, determine who becomes president and who does not become president.” The editor emphasized that it was important for all to understand that those who sell in the streets do so because they have no option “and they do so as a matter of survival". “You think that these boys selling chewing gums in the streets…have no ambitions? All of them would wish that one day they would also be ministers and be saluted by policemen…,” he argued. Kwasi Pratt could no more hold his peace because the flaws are too many. Contrary to his thinking, the NDC is not considerate of what the common man is going through. In Kumasi, KMA is requeating a whooping 6000 Kuffour cedis(60,000,000 old cedis) for a stand at the new market place they are forcibly relocating the poor market women to. A Heartless Administration is the one Mr Pratt has joined his forces to and knowing what they are he is now trying to distance himself from them in order to escape the spilt blood.

2012 is still quite far and everybody is distancing himself from the failures of "Prof Do Little". Veep did it when he confessed that cost of hotels has become too high. E T Mensah did it when he said tourists who come to Ghana will spend four times what they spend if they went to other african countries. Nana Konadu did the same when she said Ghana is one of the most expensive countries to live in. Kofi Adams confirmed it when he said, his experience on some trips to the central region has shown that prices of goods has risen suddenly. Now almighty Kwasi Pratt Has also added his voice. Ghana has become too difficult to live in. Mills has disappointingly under-performed to the displeasure of even his faithful supporters. Even the man(Rawlings) who single handedly made him his vice and now a president has also distanced himself from his bad leadership. NPP has not spoken yet.

Kwasi Pratt is panicking because Mills has disappointed us all and is certainly loosing 2012.

God bless our homeland Ghana.

Noah Dugubrame Asare. Frankfurt, Germany.

Columnist: Asare, Noah Dugubrame