Kwasi Pratt, always dancing around the issues.

Mon, 23 Dec 2013 Source: Yawose, John

The other day, I jumped at one of the do-littles in the NDC

administration in the name of Dr. Tony Aidoo who

failed miserably as Head of Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency and

should have been booted out dishonourably into the Afram Plains Kogyae Forest.

I learn he is now being considered as a redundant Ghana Ambassador of nothingness

to Tiera Del Fuego. Countrymen, Ghana is carrying useless burdens oo oo.

The subject matter was the 2008

and 2012 elections and the reasons for the NPP losses. This, do- little Dr

Aidoo had in Radio Rwanda ‘Alhaji and Alhaji’ attributed to the offensive

body language of Nana Akufo Ado, the NPP flagbearer on both occasions, which

shows that the latter is arrogant and so full of himself such that he is

shunned by the electorate – giving the indication that NPP would register

another loss if Akufo Ado is fielded again in 2016.

I argued against Dr. Tony

Aidoo. I pointed out that his prescription was a pretext; just one of the usual

reasons given to confuse and bamboozle the people to rationalize why people

voted against NPP and thus cleverly HIDING THE REAL REASONS, WHICH ARE AGELONG


point forcefully that every electionin Ghana has been a referendum on a

so called Ashanti hegemony. It is pure tribal game and people don’t say

it, because of its negative repercussions.


NDC are adept at playing games to hide their tribalistic manoeuvrings

against NPP. All of a sudden one of their arrogant braggarts, in the name of Managing

Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwasi Pratt, using the same medium of Radio

Rwanda ‘Alhaji and Alhaji’, last Saturday, deviated from do-little Dr

Aidoo’s prescriptions, stating his own prescriptions as to why NPP should lose

the 2016 Presidential elections. I have been a Ghana political watcher from

the Limann years up to the present Mahama years and frankly this gigantic fake Kwasi

Pratt does not cease to amaze and shock me with his arguments and comments.

Sounding blatantly and overtly cocky he talked blah, blah,

blah to draw unnecessary attention to himself, that – ‘’corruption allegations

levelled against

the leadership of the opposition NPP by Ken Agyapong, Assin Central MP have damaged

the NPP beyond

repair and that they could affect the party’s chances of winning the 2016

general elections. He stated that a party accused of being corrupt even

in opposition cannot be trusted to effectively manage the public purse if voted

into power. Kwesi Pratt said it is now evident that NPP’s claim about

the NDC being corrupt is a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black---


So according to Kwasi Pratt because of corruption allegations involving

150 motorbikes against NPP executives in 2012, NPP should lose the 2016

Presidential elections. This is one reason which reinforces my regard of Kwasi

Pratt as a gigantic fake unfortunately unleashed by fate onto the Ghana political

platform. He is damnably acute

and deceitful, borne out of pure hatred for NPP and what they stand for. He

just wants to score undeserved political points for NDC with his warped

thinking. NDC administrations from Prof Ata

Mills in 2008 to present day Mahama are steeped in known gargantuan corrupt

deals running into several billions of dollars and deceitful Kwasi Pratt, who

believes corruption is a criteria voters should use to determine choices, wants

us to forget NDC gross corruptions and use NPP alleged corruption on 150

motorbikes to decide the elections.


Mahama himself is under investigations for over $80m EMBRAER plane deals. (I

ask, when is the WK. Aboah Committee sitting?) Woyome fraud payments are more

than $25m. Also, CP, GYEEDA, ISOFOTON, SADA,, SUBA Waterville etc corrupt deals

are in the region of $1.5b. The allegations about $5,000/$50,000 payments to

each of the 250 medical students on Cuba scholarship hanging on NDC are

unresolved. NDC champion Rawlings has himself alleged that Mills/Mahama administrations

are the most corrupt in Ghana’s political history. International Corrupt Index

Ratings rate Ghana the highest under NDC governments. Deceitful Kwasi Pratt

thinks corruption is a major determinant of the 2016 Presidential vote. But

still, he wants us to ignore all these NDC out-of this-world crimes and rather

vote out NPP because of 150 motorbikes palaver. Haaba! I still

contend that NDC campaign weapons against NPP are on false reasons thus hiding

the tribal tendencies they invoke to win power. Pratt is an expert in the art. They

will be exposed.

I have

had occasion to engage Kwasi Pratt challenging him why he lambasted the Kufuor


for failing to exploit the limestone and pozzolana deposits at Oterpkolu and

why surprisingly, ever since the advent of Mills/Mahama in 2008, Kwasi Pratt

has stopped completely all his ‘Oterkpolu’ comments as if ‘Oterkpolu’ has

ceased to exist in this NDC era.


As for Kwasi Pratt, my impression about him is that he is a dangerous fake with


intergrity, and that all the air time he arrogates to himself from radio

station to radio station screaming off deliberate twists are borne out of

hatred for NPP and deep seated ethnocentric biases. When will Kwasi Pratt stop

dancing around the issues?



Columnist: Yawose, John