Kwasi Pratt must stop his rantings

Wed, 24 Aug 2011 Source: Yawose, John

Recently, when Outarra forces fought their way to victory in Ivory Coast over the stayput Gbagbo dictatorship, Kwast Pratt was all over the place predicting mayhem in Ivory Coast during Outarra's rule because of conflicting tribal wranglings-- that the beginning of problems in Ivory Coast will begin with Outarra's rule. God being in control, Outarra has stood firm and with the goodwill of the people, is steadying things smoothly after the Gbagbo despoticism much to the chagrin of the avowed socialist Pratt. But has Pratt learnt any lessons at all.

Enter Lybia and events there have proved that Kwasi Pratt has not learned any lessons . Kwasi Pratt seems flabbergasted in the face of the happenings in Lybia. His champion, Gaddafi, in power for 42 years is being overrun by the Lybia liberation forces. Kwasi does not believe what is befalling his idol, who has inspired him throughout his despotic rule. So the much touted war machine of Gaddafi is no match for so called ‘rats’ ie the rebels or liberation forces, after all? Almost unchallenged the rats are advancing triumphantly into Gaddafis compound. Gaddafi has all the men and the sophisticated military but they are totally impotent. The biblical David and Goliath encounter has been re-enacted gloriously in Lybia. The Liberation forces are clearly in the driving seat and winning. All of a sudden, Kwasi Pratt has started his doomsday prophesies again—He is all over the networks that,;; the Lybia liberation forces have only gained a short term victory and he is predicting mayhem arising from the longterm complicated tribal differences in Lybiaand that grave problems are in the offing in post-Gaddafi Lybia.

What at all does Pratt want in this world? Anytime his favourite leaders of socialist pretensions are at the losing end he just starts these showmanship to show he is somebody. The Ivory Coast experience should have sobered him. But alas, his irritating comments have started again.

Kwasi Pratt must stop these rantings. They don't help anybody. Lybians will solve their problems smoothly after Gaddafi and Pratt will shut his dentured mouth forever.


Columnist: Yawose, John