Kweku Baako, You’ll Not Be Forgiven Unless….

Wed, 9 Jun 2010 Source: Akoto, Akwasi A. Afrifa

Although Kweku Baako regrets “some misdeeds” of June 4 and would not celebrate it, He still adheres to its principles.

Also, Kweku Baako sincerely believes that June 4 is the only legitimate coup in Ghana. Speaking on Joyfm’s newsfile – June 5 edition- Kweku Baako supported the above conclusions without any self convictions but hid behind his “Teacher” and the legality of the act.

In a 1969 letter (which he quoted on air but not addressed to him) by Nkrumah, he, Nkrumah had approved of a counter-military coup when sharing his views on a coup in Sudan. Kwaku Baako thus, believes that since his mentor had found nothing wrong with counter-military coups, so would he blindly adopt the same position as a guide for ‘future” life. In Kweku Baako’s world therefore, Nkrumah’s approval is his ultimate arbiter; to the point of blinding him to the fact that, Akuffo’s government had already promised elections.

His hypocritical justification for the legality of June 4 as the only legitimate coup is based on (as he said on air) Justice Agban’s ruling- a Judge under duress- that only June 4 overthrew a military government. (Kotoka overthrew Nkrumah- although He was by now a leader for life-; Acheampong overthrew Busia; and PNDC overthrowing Limann. He however failed to mention Akuffo’s overthrow of Acheampong). This, again, in Kweku Baako’s world, makes “his coup” worthy. For it easy to sell your conscience when you adopt a legal precept as raison de tre.

Kweku Baako “truly” believes that with above reasons and his “sacrifice” not to celebrate June 4, he has evolved into someone different from his co-conspirators. That it gives him the liberty to choose which parts of the acts he deems worthy and condemn those he thinks evil.

Kweku Baako wants to convince the public that he is now smarter than his pals although they all participated in the same unjustifiable and meaningless act.

Kweku Baako thinks that by choosing not to celebrate June 4 even though he adheres to; the public must hail him and forgive him. (Some of us have indeed bought into this act. You bombard us with so many quotes and readings that we soon forget where you stand).

But Mr. Kweku Baako, a few of us are not ready to entertain your double stand. You want us to believe that just because other June 4 adherents celebrate and you do not, you have the moral authority to point fingers at them and thus appease us.

We the few, are not going to buy into your act and simply forgive you unless you completely repudiate the principles of June 4 on its own merits. Equally important, we the few, want you to do so with personal convictions which comes after years of self-reflection. By doing so, you will come to realize the shallow grand on which you stand; that your non celebration of an event in which you sincerely believe is not enough to warrant forgiveness.

For if the day of retribution were to come for the architects of the “112 days” of mayhem in ’79; if the day of “Accountability and Probity” were to come for you and your AFRC pals; you would not be singled out for pardon just because you refused to celebrate the event. Don’t bet on it. You would only be forgiven if you have already rejected the principles of June 4.

Akwasi A. Afrifa Akoto.

Columnist: Akoto, Akwasi A. Afrifa