LGBTQ+ rights

Lgbtq Rainbow Flag There's been some public backlash over the opening of an LGBTQ+ office in Accra

Tue, 23 Feb 2021 Source: Gavin Bond

This is the Hypocrisy of the Christian Religion. I don't believe in God and I don't believe in any Religions, hence, should I ask the government to ban All the religions and knock down their religious houses?

What I want to ask these so-called religious leaders is, Where do the LGBTQ species come from? We are told in the Bible that God created man in his own Image. If that is so true, why is the fuss about LGBTQ?

I have always said that the Bible is a Story Book. Some have commentated that it is a "form of constitutional" Law written by some old bigoted philosophers for Emperor Constantne to help him rule the vast Roman Empire in his absense.

Rome realised the potential of organised religion, hence turned Religion into an Enterprise, which has been the template for multi-nationals today, where their presence is felt everywhere in the world like the Catholic/Chistian religion.

Back to the issue of LGBTQ, if God didn't create them, who created them? What these hypocrites are saying is that there is a God for the Heterosexuals and another God for the LGBTQs, is that what they are telling the government? Frankly, we should not trivilise the Great Declaration of Human Rights.

People's Human Rights are abused in Afrika everyday as I write! The colonial masters Never Implemented the HRA in the colonies. Our successive governments Failed to do the same because of FOOLISH FINANCIAL ADVICE from the Caucasian ex-Colonisers! Please, download a copy of the Acts and read through Articles 23 - 26.

The Human Rights of many children are abused in Ghana and the whole of Afrika. That is an Area to look at and Protest about instead of wasting your time on the LGBTQ issue! If that is what the individuals want and they are both CONSENTING ADULTS, who are you to tell them How To Live Their Lives?

You have your congregations because those adults want to be Lectured like a Child! How do you tell an adult, educated one at that, how to live their lives after being to university, got a job, got married and raising a family?

How can you tell those people how you want their lives to be dictated to them by the contents of a book written over 300 years ago? Who would be that stupid if not "Grown Children". I just want to throw a quick one into the God/Christian pot.


We sure have a lot of Gods! I am not even talking about the Animals yet! Were they also Created in God's Image? Boy, this God must have many Images or we have many Creative Gods. Darwin Was Right!

Religion Is The Biggest Scam On Earth! LEAVE THE LGBTQs ALONE, PASTORS, REV. FATHER, et al,

Columnist: Gavin Bond