La Maamli: The sunny side of life

La Palm Excussion A joyous time at La Palm Beach in La

Sat, 1 Apr 2017 Source: Solomon Kuupuolo

By: Solomon Kuupuolo

Being given a tourism assignment left a lot of questions on our minds, such as “Which beautiful places can we discover?” and “How can we make these places look extra special?” Our questions were easily answered when we visited the township of La; with beauty emanating from every corner we turned, we knew our work would be a walk in the park.

A visit to Trade Fair reminded us of our past school days when our parents sometimes brought us there to just have a feel of African exhibitions.

There were beautiful spots which served as stark reminders of childhood, but we could not help being sad when we realized the glory of most of the buildings had faded away, in dire need of a renewing touch.

That however did not stop us from enjoying ourselves and contemplating on what next we could find!

Our excitement escalated when we visited La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. It was a blend of luxury and relaxation, coupled with a view of the beautiful sea La is popularly known for.

After about an hour or two, we continued our ‘La Maamli’ tour by taking some time off at the La Pleasure Beach, where we met interesting characters and had a feel of the La Maamli life.

There were many activities, from horse riding to music from a ‘Rasta’ guitarist and a glimpse of how fishermen go about their daily activities to provide us with the fish we constantly enjoy.

With sandy feet and exhausted bodies, our adventurous spirit was still not satisfied, as we still had the lovely Maya Cova and Artists Alliance Gallery to see.

At Maya Cova, we were greeted with a refreshing breeze and serene atmosphere. It was amazing how a cute, dainty place could capture the ambience of the vast sea it overlooked. It was just the perfect spot for a date or family hangout!

We connected even deeper with our Ghanaian roots when we stopped at the Artists Alliance Gallery. Ranging from paintings to artifacts, we could not help but admire how gifted people are.

We wondered if people really knew just how much is waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed in the dynamic township of La.

Let us show you how!

La Maamli…..the sunny side of life!

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Columnist: Solomon Kuupuolo