Leave Samira Bawumia alone

Samirabaw Inauguration Samira Bawumia, the Second Lady

Thu, 9 Mar 2017 Source: Maxwell Okamafo Addo

I salute the journey of a working woman and a woman of heart on International Women’s Day - Matilda Amissah- Arthur

I would want to advice my fellow colleagues to stop giving the Second Lady Samira Bawumia negative attention and publicity when it comes to her preference of dressing, as a Moslem woman. It is immaterial.

Instead they should focus on her role as a Second Lady if she would follow the path of her predecessor. Matilda Amissah- Arthur. Who I salute on international WOMENS DAY.

The same people when Mrs. Matilda Amissah Arthur, Wife of former Vice President of Ghana Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, who help many through her passion for social work with a commitment to promoting the rights of children in the country, which was motivated by her father ,a former Director of Social Welfare, They ignored her and complained about her bitterly.

I salute her for being a caregiver for children, orphans and the less privileged in society. She had the passion to champion and help reduce the increasing deterioration of child welfare wherever she finds herself till date. Some of you rebuked her for being too popular.

That was the Journey of A Working Woman And A Woman Of Heart who took it upon herself to help raise awareness about the critical maternal issues in the country, in order to help raise awareness on maternal health for children and their mothers in the country by wiping away tears on the faces. You didn’t give her coverage. Rather she was chastised.

When her “Humanitarian actions were visible and the effects of her deep commitment to improving the human condition.” especially the generosity of a woman attentive to vulnerabilities and pain of humanity were some of her achievements. You shut your doors to her. But she continued.

I have always believed that she was a woman who has got strength, vision and foresight. And is highly innovative and does not slack in pursuing her mission in fulfilling her set goals. She is a very good example of the woman in Proverbs 31:10-30.

Not moved by being side-lined. Mrs. Amissah-Arthur continuously called on Ghanaians to work towards creating a culture of caring and commitment to education by reading because a reading nation is an informed nation. And an informed nation is a powerful nation. That is what she believes in.

As part of her commitment she has toured majority of the health centres in the country and has given hope to the less privileged in society and also to see to the welfare of sick children in the country, so that she can help alleviate them from their suffering.

I salute her for being a strong advocate on issues relating to children, she also has been in the vanguard of fight for the education of children as a right together with health related issues.

As a professional Librarian she has carried out extensive sensitization programs in the society laying emphasis on enrolment, retention and completion of children’s education with the aim of seeing to it that children were treated with care because they are our future leaders.

What we need is a united Ghana where the future of the youth is guaranteed and should be our focus and concern not the way Samira Bawumia dresses. Mama Tilly Happy Mother’s Day.

Columnist: Maxwell Okamafo Addo