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Lessons From Prison – KKD’s Regrets!

So KKD – the finest - was reportedly admitted at the Police Hospital after lawyers for the ace broadcaster failed to secure him bail. This means for at least one more week, the man, who always kills the mic, will remain in police custody following his arrest for allegedly raping the 19-year old Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson.

Indeed, when news about KKD’s arrest broke, I was far away in Hweehwee, my beloved village, spending time with my family and friends, and if there was any news I was looking forward to hearing from the capital, then it was perhaps an announcement from the powers that be of an end to the ‘dumsor’ crisis, and certainly not this one! And please don’t ask me where Hweehwee is, as if you didn’t know it is in the Kwahu East District of the Eastern region! Everyone who has ever lived around the Kwahu Mountains knows that the climatic condition in December and January is not one to behold, oh mehn, it gets really cold!

So while I was reeling at the cold harmattan, firmly rooted to my bed and all covered like Petr Cech in goal for Chelsea, my sleep was cut short by the incessant beeps of my phone. As the Whatsapp messages trickled in fast and thick, I knew something had gone amiss or a serious matter was up for discussion. So I had no option than to lazily lift my almost frozen hand to pick my phone, and there I was greeted with this rather unpalatable news. I believe most Ghanaians, including myself, are still grappling with what might have led KKD to have gotten himself entangled in this rather intractable ‘rape’ web. Hmmm, I haven’t been successful in my attempt at unravelling the mystery yet, I don’t know about you!

Well, I don’t mean to belabour the facts (or is it allegations?), however, for the benefit of those who want to pretend to be strangers in Jerusalem, all we know is that the renowned broadcaster had canal knowledge of a 19-year old lady while attending a programme at the African Regency Hotel. But whether the act took place with the lady’s consent or not is what is before our justices to determine, and we are not seeking answers here!

So what, then, is my interest in picking on this subject? Well, I am no celebrity, and I don’t aspire to be one, but I believe both celebrities and persons who admire them - their fans - could draw useful lessons from this incident to guide day-to-day relationships. Indeed, there is no gainsaying that celebrities ride on the support of their fans to succeed in whatever they do, just as their fans also need them for their education, information and entertainment needs. As a matter of fact, this relationship is so sacrosanct that one can barely survive without the other.

That notwithstanding, this relationship hangs on a very thin balance and can easily be broken if one does not thread with caution. It demands mutual respect and utmost appreciation of the role each plays in sustaining this harmonious relationship.

It is true our elders say ’nea owo aka no pen no suro sonson,’ to wit ‘he who has been bitten by a snake before fears a worm,’ but I can bet with my last pesewa that we haven’t seen the last of this incident in the entertainment industry (and please did you hear Rev Owusu Bempah’s prophecy?). Fans will continue to admire their celebrities and wish to take ‘selfies’ with them wherever they meet, and some of these celebrities might also wish to end up in bed with them (whether by plot, hypnotism or whatever). So, for example, I don’t expect KKD to return from police custody and decide to shun the company of his fans, especially his female admirers, but I will be extremely surprised if he doesn’t pick a lesson or two from this incident. However, the following lessons, I believe, are quite useful and certainly worth his consideration!

Firstly, all celebrities must learn to have self-control. Did you just ask how? Well, “I [have] made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl” (Job 31:1) and, perhaps, it is about time male celebrities also did same.

It is also important for every celebrity to learn how not to lose focus. Just know that as you step out in style with your swag, people are definitely going to admire you but you need to keep to your motive for stepping out. As a Presbyterian, the fourth line of the second stanza of PHB 572 always comes in handy in this regard. It reads “Na se wutu mmirika na wohwe kwankyen de a, worennu ho; enti ko so, na nhwe wakyi da! It basically means that you can never win a race if you keep looking at what happens on the sidelines. If in doubt, watch how Usain Bolt wins races!

Celebrities must endeavour to live above reproach since many look up to them. Indeed, celebrities serve as role models for many and it is important they do things which would not hold them up to ridicule. They must be abreast of the fact that, as a democratic state, Ghana subscribes to the principle of rule of law; hence we are all equal before the law. Therefore, if you are a celebrity and you are swayed by the ‘fans’ from your fans, albeit genuine or even fake, then once the long arm of the law catches you on the wrong side, be prepared to dance to its adowa or akaida tune!

And oh to my girls girls, I know you admire our celebrities but don’t easily end up in bed with them. Yes, they are stars, but you are also special in your own way. Even if nobody values you, learn to value yourself!

Last but not least, and even before I say good luck to KKD and wish him well in his next appearance in court, if you’re a celebrity and, for one reason or the other, you happen to find yourself alone in a room, maybe a washroom, with a lady who is supposed to help you make up for a show, please remember your wife or partner at home and be faithful! Speedy recovery, KKD.

By: Richard Amoako Ansong

Email: aasirrichard@yahoo.com

Blog: aasirrichard.wordpress.com

(The writer is a public relations and communications professional)

Columnist: Ansong, Richard Amoako