Lessons from TV3’s Talented Kids

Dj Switch Season 8 winner, DJ Switch

Mon, 8 May 2017 Source: William Latsey

Talented Kids season 8 is arguably one of the best if not the best so far. Sadly, the climax was a boring one as it failed to send patrons agog. Not because many felt that the ultimate winner did not deserve it and so were broken. Simply, lessons must be learnt here!

Talking about lessons, the big lesson for me is on Judgement. Thus, whether performances should be voted by the public to determine who goes forward and who goes out should be determined by the Judges.

It is an open secret [that] voting or what I call commercialisation helps organisers to pay for some of the expenses that come with the organisation and not only to determine who goes home or who wins.

By now, it should be clear to anyone, particularly TV3, which has its brand to protect that public voting doesn't necessarily get the best talent to win. The public voting of Talented Kids is often about the contest of who is able to 'pump' money or votes which doesn't necessarily get the best talent.

The reliance on the unbiased and fair judgment of the current judges has helped and will help. If it were public voting, anything could have been possible and where DJ Switch failed to win we would have been reminded of the usual 'monster' called 'voting'.

DJ Switch won and nobody is saying 'fi' because somebody else was supposed to have won. This season is really a lesson for organisers to discontinue the public voting that characterized previous seasons. If it is about funding, a more innovative way is a better option to the traditional dependence on public votes which latently finances the program.

Without doubt, the talents in Season 8 were simply stupendous. Each should be given the opportunity and needed push to take their talents further.

And the inspirational Christian Morgan, you touched the hearts of many. Indeed, 'Time No Dey' and disability is not inability.

All in all, it was a good show. Kudos TV3.Well done all contestants. And Congratulations, DJ Switch on your well-deserved and Onaapo win.

Columnist: William Latsey