Lessons from afar: Ebony Reigns in focus

Ebony42 Ebony Reigns died in a road crash on February 8, 2018 while returning from Sunyani to Accra

Sat, 24 Mar 2018 Source: Thomas Akanyibah

On the 8th February, 2018 at about 2200hrs, three persons on board a salon car were reported to have perished while traveling to Accra from the Brong Ahafo region. The three who lost their lives in this gory accident included Priscilla Opoku-kwarteng popularly known as *EBONY REIGNS.*

The remaining two were a soldier and a female friend of Ebony Reigns. Sadly, these beautiful souls who double as faithful citizens of Ghana perished in this accident which is believed to be one of the most fatal in the country.

However, it is refreshing to behold the fervor and the wild emotions that has been kindled posthumously in memory of Ebony when the other victims cannot be heard of. Everywhere in the society is boiling with her rhythms and her pretty lyrics.

In her album "Maame wh?", Ebony was found to be in a radical war against domestic violence. In "Aseda" OMG! Ebony confessed her extreme, unfallacious and undaunted praise to the almighty God- the creator of this universe. In her "Hustle" which turned out to be a little controversial because some fanatics gave it a different meaning, Ebony revealed the true identities and feelings of the desperation of the destitute in the Ghanaian society.

I heard there are other tickling tunes of Ebony Reigns although I am not readily familiar with them but I feel the young lad is a HERO. She died almost 21 years of age but great men have mourned her. At her age she has won the heart of many Ghanaians through music. At her age she has competed ruthlessly with seasoned artists. Ebony Reigns was unstoppable. She was massive and formidable in the field of music. She was indeed a bulwark to Ghanaian folkloric display.

Ebony Reigns may have had her own weakness like any other human being but the fact is that, she lived very well. Her life on earth was brief but very very FULFILLED.

Ebony Reigns must be a motivation to the youth of the Ghanaian society. She must be recognised as a leading light through the tunnel of achievement and success but not of her *_shortcomings_* . She must be recognized as one of the few who grossly demonstrated their talents and charisma.

"Meda w'ase oo,

Nana Onyame ee,

S? Ebony Nana Hemaa,

me nso m'ay? obi..." she gorgeously sung.

Sleep very well in the glory of our maker Ebony.

... At the river where the feet of bright angels have trod, we shall gather again prissy.

Good night and sleep tight!

But always remember that YOU *REIGN* in the hearts of your loved ones.

By: Thomas Akanyibah


Columnist: Thomas Akanyibah
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