Lessons from the demise of the Ghanaian ISIS recruit

Tue, 22 Mar 2016 Source: Imoro, Issah

The reported killing of Nazir, the Ghanaian born ISIS recriuit, if true, serves as a wake up call for a much deeper reflection and elaborate strategy by the Muslim leadership in Ghana and beyond to combat the rise of violent extremism among the youth. This is necessary to safeguard the youth and our society from the disastrous outcome of this wicked ideology.

I commend the University of Cape Coast chapter of the Ghana Muslim Students' Association for recently organizing a series of "Anti-Extremism" seminars and lectures aimed at tackling the problem. This should be extended to all the institutions and regular lessons should be held at the various Islamic centers to enlighten the youth about the dangers and harms of extremism.

This development should be a huge lesson to those affected by the extremist ideology, potential recruits, family members as well as major stakeholders in the fight against extremism.

It is sad that despite all the numerous problems such as poverty, ignorance, etc that have bedevilled our society, young graduates who are supposed to be agents of change will choose to waste their life on a cause they know little about. Every young Muslim who has a strong desire to help Islam should ask him/herself the positive contribution he/she has made to alleviate the numerous development challenges Muslims are facing in his/her own community? Has he/she been dutiful to his/her parents?

These should be your primary concern and not to migrate to a foreign land to fight a political war which has been clothe deceptively under the guise of religion. ISIS and their appendages have been refuted extensively by firmly grounded Islamic scholars and their wicked actions and crimes against Muslims is enough evidence to dissociate them from Islam.

The great scholar, former professor at the Islamic University of Madeenah in Saudi Arabia and a Mufti at the Prophet's mosque, Sheikh Muhammed Ibn Hadee Al Madkhali described the fictitious attachment of ISIS to Islam in his lecture 'The Reality of ISIS' as follows:

"They have absolutely nothing to do with Islam, and Islam is free from them. We have not seen anyone in this era equal to them in criminality, nor have we heard in history anyone like them except the Tartars in what they are upon from their actions, savagery, wickedness, and their inflicting punishment upon the people of Islam".

It is no secret that Muslims suffer most from the atrocities of ISIS and their affiliate groups. This further exposes their true identity and should be a deterrent to anyone wishing to join them.

Parents, family members and friends have a crucial role to play in protecting the youth against this wicked ideology. It is incumbent to report any suspicous behaviour to the religious authorities and if it fails, then to the security officials. This is in the best interest of the indiviual involved, the family and the whole society. This is much better than allowing him to end up blowing himself up with innocent lives. In this regard, Sheikh Muhammed Ibn Hadee Al Madkhalee, whom i quoted earlier said:

"By Allah, if i knew that one of my children was upon this ideology (ISIS), I would fight him tooth and nail (to return him to the truth), and if I could not, by Allah, the one who there is no deity in truth besides He, I would take him and surrender him to the authorities. So they can treat him and he can be cured and become healthy (i.e. upon a sound ideology), while I can see him, is more beloved to me than he travel to them (ISIS)".

The youth has a role to play in the development of the society and our concern should be on how we can contribute in building a peaceful society devoid of poverty, ignorance, violence, etc which are the main challenges that confront our society.

We all have a collective responsibility to rise and combat the rise of the extremist ideology in our schools and communities before it consumes the whole society like we see in other countries.

Thank you

Dr. Issah Imoro


Columnist: Imoro, Issah