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Lessons to learn from the Kumawu NPP primaries election results

NPP Delegates Kumawu File photo

Mon, 22 Jun 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

In any competition of contestants, there must be a winner and a loser. There is always a reason for one winning and the other losing.

In the just-ended Kumawu Constituency NPP primaries election, the incumbent Member of Parliament (Hon) won the delegates' election massively to retain his position as the sitting MP cum parliamentary-candidate on the ticket of NPP for election 2020.

The others contesting with him followed up in the descending order of Lawyer Edward Kofi Osei, Dr Philip Yaw Bannor and Robert Kwame Ahomka-Lindsay (Hon). Let me congratulate all the contestants for expressing their honest willingness to serve Kumawu constituents by participating in the NPP primaries election.

Sorry to pick Robert Kwame Ahomka-Lindsay (Hon) for discussion in this publication as to why he might have retained the bottom position on the results table. Not only was he new and unknown to many a Kumawuman citizen, although he is allegedly a member of the Kumawu Ananangya royal family, coming from Ananangya, he associated himself with the wrong persons in the constituency.

He thought by campaigning on the terms of affiliation with, and being the favourite of, the alleged Kumawuhene Barima Sarfo Tweneboa Kodua (Dr Yaw Sarfo) and Kumawuhemaa Nana Abenaa Serwaah Amponsah, he could easily sweep the votes to emerge the winner. His alleged campaign chief, architect, strategist or manager, the District Chief Executive Samuel Addae Agyekum, who purportedly was trying his hardest to persuade the delegates with that message, rather made matters worse for Ahomka.

Samuel Addae Agyekum is not liked by many in the constituency and the district. He is a liar. He exhibits his youthful exuberance in a very deplorable manner. He is the one alleged by many people in Kumawuman to have always arranged and colluded with others to bring police and soldiers to Kumawu and Bodomase to intimidate the innocent people for all his stupid and malicious hallucinations.

He is not visionary but completely myopic, and misfit in his post. He, by his commissions and omissions, is helping some supposedly powerful traditional overlords from outside the Kumawu division to descend on Kumawuman to exploit and rob her of her wealth and natural endowments.

Ahomka did not bother himself to investigate what is going on in Kumawuman about how the majority of the citizens don't regard Dr Yaw Sarfo as their Kumawuhene and wish to see him out sooner from the dubious position he is perilously holding on to.

He did not take time to conduct secret investigations into the relationship between Dr Yaw Sarfo and the citizens of Kumawuman and how he is scorned to the point of mourners leaving in droves any funeral ground he steps foot on hence people unwilling to invite him to the funerals of their deceased family members. This is because they mockingly see him as "Nana ogu agoro"

It was in the olden days when subjects voted en masse for the favourite of their chief. Now, it is no longer so, with the matter becoming worse if the chief is not liked by his subjects as it is in the case of Kumawuman with Dr Yaw Sarfo.

Ahomka's chances could have been a bit much better if he had cleverly distanced himself from Dr Yaw Sarfo without making it obvious. Probably an opportunist, he thought by declaring support for Dr Yaw Sarfo and campaigning in his name, things were going to be much easier for him but not knowing he was writing his election dirge.

If Ahomka indeed has any matrilineal lineage to the Kumawu Ananangya royal family, did he bother himself to consult with them on his quest to contest for the Kumawu constituency parliamentary seat? No. Has he ever helped in any little way the struggles by his Ananangya royal family to claim back their disputed royal paramount Kumawu Kodua Stool? No.

Does Ahomka know that Barima Tweneboa Kodua V, the royal from the Ananangya royal family is the preferred Omanhene by about 95% of Kumawuman citizens? Does he know that DCE Samuel Addae Agyekum is disliked by about 95% of the people in Kumawuman for a number of reasons? How do you expect to win elections by aligning yourself with such a much-hated person(s)?

I hope His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo will look into replacing the DCE since he is not, and has never been, the choice, of Kumawuman citizens, for a number of reasons. Should Samuel Addae Agyekum stand any public election in Kumawuman today, he will lose woefully.

The secrets made available in the public domain by one NPP delegate Tuffour weeks before the election have been authenticated by the election results. Check the underlying web link for the details.

I congratulate Philip Basoah (Hon) on his victory and I hope he will perform much better from today forward. I shall be putting him on his toes. I shall be writing to him on matters of concern to the Kumawu constituents to be raised on the floor of parliament.

He will have to go the "Abrokyire" parliamentarians way to prove his worth to his constituents. The constituents can, and must, help, their MPs, to be worthy of their salt.

The old man is tired so I have to retire to bed to catch some sleep.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo