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Let President Mahama pass on this one –

Let President Mahama pass on this one –

Tue, 1 Sep 2015 Source: Danso, Kwaku A.

Rejoinder to: Ghana School of Law Part 4

By: Kwaku A. Danso

I hate to disagree with Nana Akoto Kwame, Esq., on this involvement of the President (Ref. your article on Ghanaweb of Mon, 31 Aug, 2015 titled: Ghana School of Law Part 4).

I will agree with you something has to be done to probe and unravel this case that may be just one case of the fraud in our Educational system. Any exam organized and gives such preferential passes to only one group seems suspect. However this may be only part of the overall breakdown in the laws and rules of discipline in our nation in areas ranging from the agricultural and environmental protection, road construction, communication, the financial sectors as well as the energy and transportation sectors.

In the last week or more of my visit in Ghana I have heard of many evil things and one that struck me was the case of young women having to prosecute themselves in order to get jobs when they graduate, and especially in the Banking sector where beauty is a number one requirement and some have to do a “blow job” (quoting the source) on CEOs! Evil deeds seem to dominate and nobody seem to be telling the truth and working hard for their money!

We have a nation where the President has all powers to appoint over 3,000 executives under the PNDC 1992 Constitutional monarchy, and yet to date not been able to have justice in the case of judgment debt and contract frauds amounting to close to $900 million. To list a few:


RLG $100m,

Woyome $51m breach of contract judgment debt awards

Isofoton and others,

57,000 ghost names on payroll -est. $285m in past 10 years (estimate each paid say $5,000 per year)

Honorable Lawyer, if the President has not been able to exhibit the character trait to have investigated and punished these obvious cases of fraud, how do you expect him to handle this case of what appears like an ethical breach? How does he go about proving anybody guilty? How many years do you think HE Mahama would take to do this?

To give you a perspective of one who lives in California, USA, do you in Ghana have any means of seeking redress and filing complaints? Show me! Why has the simple cases of major potholes in nicely constructed highways and roads in East Legon and other places not been fixed?

What you Ghanaian Lawyers who seem to be and claim to be as smart as your colleagues in America need to learn is the CLASS ACTION LAW SUITS concept and system. It is a system of seeking social equity and justice where you or a group of Lawyers offer a service to a citizenry or other groups that have suffered such potential losses or injustice. You sue the big boys or the government and distribute the compensation to all aggrieved. Unfortunately most of you only seem to think of your immediate gain and I hate to say that you mostly seem to have no time for the society at large and the aggrieved with no upfront cash for you. Some of you Lawyers are deceptive in your practices and take moneys to push cases through the system when paid, through connections with Judges. Others will neglect clients half way who pay you agreed amounts. We have cases to cite but not now.

Do I lie?

PLEASE let the President do other things instead and let this one go! Yes he can offer an opinion but for what good than utterances blowing in the wind? Do you want another useless tea-drinking Commission of inquiry that leads to no prosecution? Why not advocate to have the AG office separated from under the Presidency and decentralize powers of the Presidency so locals can vote their leaders and justice and societal management brought closer to home as done in other democracies!

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso,

President- Ghana Leadership Union

Moderator – GLU Forum

Email: dansojfk@gmail.com

Columnist: Danso, Kwaku A.