Opinions Sun, 4 Dec 2011

Let Us All Get Into The Gutter Mentality

May I humbly remind politicians and the leaders of Sika Mann the obvious – insults and name-calling do not create jobs for people roaming the streets of Accra looking for work.

Instead of the political leaders (I shudder even calling them leaders) coming out with new ideas and policies to bring socio economic development to the country, they seem more interested in trading barbs over who went to the best school, who has attained the highest educational credentials to who has the smallest waistline to sexual preferences and status.

And while they are busy spewing out venom against each other, the petrol dollars may be tricking into the wrong leaking pockets.

A case in point is the response by the Public Relations Committee NPP-USA to comments made by the communications director to President Atta Mills that “. . . he would show Akuffo Addo where power lies if he dares makes the wrong move . . . .” In apparent reference to the latter’s controversial “all die be die” mantra. Below is an excerpt from the searing article which appeared on Ghanaweb on Monday, November 28, 2011.

“ . . . . Also, it comes across as funny when a corrupt homosexual in a homosexual-laden administration talks tough about using the State apparatus to crush anyone. Koku must first seek medical intervention to restore his rapidly diminishing neck and balls before he talks tough in the public domain about the balls of real men.”

It goes without saying that politics is a contact sport therefore some level of negativity is inevitable and unavoidable. But must such mudslinging degenerate into denigrating and degrading those whom you disagree, and thereby using homophobic slurs? Talk about stoking the flames. You be the judge whether or not the NPP is engaging in the very kind of behavior they scathingly condemn.

Again and again, some of the actions and utterances by some of these political leaders are beneath the positions they occupy and the very institutions they represent. The NPP accuse the NDC of turning governance into a theatre of insults and intimidation. While the comments made by Koku Anyidoho may be reprehensible, is that the best they can offer Ghanaians?

Is anybody, somebody capable or willing to be the adult in the room and rise above the fray? There is an old proverb that says, “The fish stinks from the head.” So as the leaders of the various political parties verbally assault each other, not surprising, their supporters and sympathizers also join in the verbal wars.

If Ghana is going to continue its promising democratic march there has to be a different tune other than the current disparaging notes the NPP and NDC are blurring. The political leaders of Ghana must learn to respect and treat each other as equals with equal stake seeking the common good of the country. Lastly, may I remind Ghanaians that whether you are Ewe, Fante, Ashanti, Moshi, Fulani, and Hausa, Nzema we are all cut from the same cloth – Ghana! In that respect, an Ashanti is not superior to the Ewe and vice-versa.

That’s my Pesewa! Have your say!

Credit: Kofi Aduhene (CediPost).

Columnist: Aduhene, Kofi