Opinions Tue, 9 Dec 2008

Let Us Prepare For A Festival Of Peace And Joy This Christmas


Bro. Immanuel Enoch A. Agbozo (Apostle-Prophet)

God has been merciful to Ghana. He has opened the gates of heaven to bless our country with peace, righteousness and joy and heaven Kingdom glory on earth.

He has blessed Ghana with great people, with citizens happy in acknowledging and honouring His works and the memory of Him, ready to give him due glory, ascribing strength to Him in all they do.

Ghana is imbued with passion for acknowledging and honour, love and worship of the Triune and Living God, Creator with adoration and humble devotion. Animists, idol worshippers and secularists there are. Yet there is an underlying spirit and culture of awareness of the Creator, religious fervour and love of country. This affirms God’s election and choice of Ghana as Star nation for His reconciliation, redemption, restoration and reconstruction of Africa in His, God’s Kingdom Glory Order on earth. For this purpose, He has found faithful people with knowledge, fear and dedication of His Will, Purposes and Glory in Ghana and the continent.

Accordingly, the Most High God has delivered and set Ghana free from Satanic control, domination, oppression and captivity. He has set in motion a great spiritual move to cap His election and victory for Ghana with the establishment of the country not merely as a nation of emancipation and liberty and an oasis of peace and good governance in Africa, but as a Nation and People REDEEMED, MARRIED and MADE HOLY UNTO HIMSELF for His Kingdom Glory on earth, in Africa and the world.

The Most High has begotten Ghana anew. He is moulding and transforming country and people for WORLD CELEBRATION of HIS BLESSEDNESS, JOY AND KINGDOM ORDER on earth in Ghana. The Youth of Ghana to-day and generations following have a godly heritage.

In this regard, according to the LORD GOD JEHOVA, His victory of Ghana can be likened to the victory of the cross from where He declared “IT IS FINISHED”. He has finished His redemption and establishment of Ghana for His Kingdom Glory on earth. Men of “flesh shall taste of the Kingdom of the Living God”. Ghana shall witness and celebrate in the full view of the world. “A Kingdom of Peace, a Kingdom of Righteousness, a Kingdom of Joy, a Kingdom of Justice. A Kingdom where there is love, peace and harmony among all the people, before My Throne.”

The New Ghana, Beulah, The New Jerusalem as Jehova Himself has named the country shall begin to taste the beauty and joy of Divine election and protection, peace, righteousness, love and liberty under the mighty Hand and Wings of the Most High. Ghana, a crown of glory and a royal diadem in the Hand of God is the story.

The days of idol worship and shrines, charms, witchcraft and blood sacrifices which have been the bane of Africa’s backwardness and poverty, stagnation and desolation are over. The ruling spirit of political violence, warring factions, and disregard for human dignity and sacredness of life has lost its hold on Ghana. By the mercies of God the state of backwardness, superstition, poverty and desolation will totally phase out. The truth is that God has won victory, taken over and established His government and Kingdom of Peace, Righteousness and Joy in the land. No spirit or power and plan or Kingdom can take over Ghana from God and His Christ, the King of Glory.

We are taking liberty therefore to write this open letter to inform President Kufuor, the Government of the day, and Elders of the land, the Church and people of God, the political parties, and religious groups, civic associations including professional fraternities and legal entities in the country, not only of the current SPIRITUAL STATE of the nation, but also that the HOUR HAS COME for THE CELEBRATION of GOD and NATION. There is VICTORY for peaceful election and harmonious hand over of power January 2009.

Now is the hour for chosen, blessed and celebrated Ghana to join hands together TO CELEBRATE GOD, THE NATION AND PEOPLE with understanding and meaning, and with due sense of humility, responsibility and dignity.

In this regard, we humbly propose that nation and people including all foreigners, strangers and visitors in the country to spend the 2008 CHRISTMAS SEASON with Songs of Praise and Thanksgiving with HUMILITY and DIGNITY with grateful, adoring and jubilant hearts, yet before The Almighty Most High God.

The yuletide season should be a season by all, for all and unto all a season of PEACE and GOODWILL, the rejuvenation of national harmony and pleasant tribal, religious and political party exchanges. Let us make and celebrate yuletide 2008 as a National Festival of Peace and Goodwill to all men.

We conclude by humbly beseeching President J.A. Kufuor to end his stewardship on a note signifying not only his personal humility, knowledge, fear and honour of God. His love and loyalty to nation and people and goodwill for the nation and successors, but more so on a befitting note of national celebration of God, Nation and People, Peace, Joy, Progress and Hope.

Soon, he enters the singular blessed class of Nobles and Statesmen, World Class Citizens and Visionaries for Africa and the world.

Let there be peace and joy in honour of God and country, progress and prosperity for Beulah, The New Jerusalem.


Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.