Tony Aidoos Attack On Christians Is A Tragedy For Ghana

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 Source: Sarpong, Nana Yaw

NPP UK and Ireland condemns without reservation the continuous attacks on the Christian Faith by Dr Tony Aidoo and other elements in the NDC Press and in the Office of the President. We are deeply shocked that innocent men and women who are guaranteed freedom of speech and association to worship can be subjected to verbal abuse and constant attacks by a high ranking government official at the Office of the President with the support of government Ministers and the President as they are all silent on this issue.

We would like to remind Ghanaians that this is not the first time the NDC has harassed christians and churches for that manner in Ghana. Between 1982 and 1987, under their

for bears the (P)NDC, 8 men of God including Odefoo Asare, Osofo Peter and Osofo Amoako were tortured and killed by soldiers on the orders of elements in the National Security and PNDC operational Headquarters. We also remember a certain Dr Tony Aidoo who in 1988 said that Churches should be made to pay Tax and that some churches make too much noise thus they should be closed down. In 1994 Police on the orders of the late Vincent Asiseh were sent to close down a Full Gospel Businessmen fellowship international meeting because their prayers where making too much noise.

NPP UK and Ireland would like inform those who do not know that speaking in tongues is a gift from the Holy Spirit and some of us who are Christians are blessed to have this gift. All Christians should be free to express themselves and worship God without fear or favour. Is Tony Aidoo saying that because Bhuddists or Hare Krishna members chant they are also mad and are devil worshippers?

The weak leadership , lack of respect and reverence for our institutions, the naked greed , spirit of enviness, beating of war drums, , irresponsible commentary and generally the Godless nature in this NDC regime accounts for the collapse of the rule of law and the mess that Ghana finds itself today.

Professor Mills claims He is a Born again Christian. If He believes in his faith and respects the freedoms we cherish in our National Constitution he should sack Dr Tony Aidoo now!!!!

Nana Yaw Sarpong-07983302369

Communications Officer-NPP UK and Ireland

Columnist: Sarpong, Nana Yaw