Opinions Sun, 31 Oct 2004

Let?s face it, NPP is worse with the media than NDC

Graphic is creating a one party state in Ghana. Its current editor is the worst in the history of the paper, Kwabena Adomako explains.

So, what is the use of a state owned media under democratic dispensation? The answer to this is simple. Give columns to functionaries of the ruling party to confuse and deceive the public.

After infiltrating into the rank and file of the private media, the ruling NPP government has turned its attention to the state-owned media organisations. What a shame. What use is it for a state-owned company to brandish as a headline article an award that never took place? Why is it that the editor and the managing director are still at post when they should be indicted? Yes, I mean they should not be at post.

Do you remember what happened to the workers at GBC? What did they do wrong to be blamed for the woes of Ghana Airways. Who, at the point did not know that Ghana Airways was on its knees?

These double standards will leave Ghana no where. No wonder Mr President is now talking about miracles in his second term.

That will surely happen, because the first miracle was for him and his cronies to achieve what they have not been able to do in their entire life- fame and fortune. Mr President now knows more places in the world within 4 years than his entire life as a businessman. Successful businessmen in Ghana today travel around the globe- they pay their own way to and fro. But how many times did Mr President do that when he was a businessman? What he has managed to achieve today is a miracle isn?t it?

Whether he wins or not is up to Ghanaians. The truth is that what alternative does Ghanaians have? You can change your destiny but those who believe in miracles have not got much to do in this life. Listen to him carefully. Now he is not saying he will do this- he is talking about miracles, which means there will be more of those bogus breakfast prayer meetings, and leave it to ?GOD?. Now, the main point is about how the state-owned media is performing badly than under the previous regime. Where is Professor Adu Boahen then? We remember vividly in the 1992 elections how at the University of Ghana, supported by other party cronies he talked about why Ghana does not need Graphic etc. Private media should be the way forward- he said.

Now, the Ayeboafos are in charge at Graphic. No wonder the self glorifying editor loves to have middle pages for himself and colleagues. His columns are just as bad as he himself. This too known man has now done himself a disservice by publishing falsehood. In a Western world, he would have been sacked. He should ask Pier Morgan of the UK, or the man with the sexed-up Saddam story in the UK. Even though he was right, he is not at his post anymore.

A disgrace is a disgrace. Mr President, your time is up, Nana Akomea, you have shown your academic deficiencies and Osafo Maafo, you are not the best in Africa for achieving HIPC completion points.

The best Finance Minister is every African man and woman, who has managed to live on poor salaries whereas their governments grow fatter and fatter. I hear Mr Osafo Maafo looks better today than four years ago. More soup to your fufu, but you are not the best. Africans are the best. They perform the best miracles, Mr President if you are also listening.

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Columnist: Adom, Kwaa