Let's not be shortsighted on Homosexuality

Sat, 16 Feb 2013 Source: Nweanah, Francis Eduku

Christians belief on gayism is a misinterpretation which contradicts with how nature was made to proceed and call in question with the dynamic principles of nature. Infact blaming homosexuality on the bible, culture, or birth is of shortsightedness comparable to the existence of mankind during the gathering stage.

First of all, on the topic of the Bible, so many questions comes into play: Did the Bible fell from heaven?.if no, then how safe is the bible if some of our false prophets today was made in the then days to make inclusions upon their acclaimed inspirations from God. Can the Bible serve as our constitution?. Then looking at a woman could even be an offence and that we should have always closed our eyes. Do satan have great power than God?, Then why is satan winning the majority of the inhabitants of earth as you christians claim and the violations in the bible with the point that not a single person on earth is perfect. Infact can't wise or scientific people forecast what will happen eighty years to come?, Do that make them God.

When it comes to blessing, then Gays are crowned on the bases of how logically oriented they are making them rich of which many people think they perform extra rituals to boost their wealth.This contradicts with the principle in the bible which states, blessed are those who walketh not in the council of the ungodly and regarding gayism, ungodly.

Infact, upon research I have realize that the Bible was written on philosophy. And the philosophers used gayism to mark the time of civilization. They also thought that the earth must come to an end at all cost since anything which happens has a beginning and end. And the fact that gayism was marked with civilization which goes with the end due to the dynamic aspect of nature shouldn't bring a misinterpretation that gayism is the cause of the end but rather an immunity to the end as to population growth and our production. References must be made in the Queen James version of the bible for better interpretation of the philosophers's mind on their inscription of the Bible.

I am of the opinion that so far as there is brain behind creation, means someone initiated it whom we call God. But His wants are confined and manifested in his creation which could only be explored through the means of science rather than the inscriptions in the bible on individuals understandings which has brought forte various misinterpretations posing treat on humans rights in our country.

Nature's hate is with time and repercussion tells. Yes the fact that when our mobile phones are not working properly, we don't open it up and blame or task it on the components inside, likewise we are part of creation.

Gayism is proven by scientist to be normal and unchangeable. And that Mr Foh Amoaning's or christians' perception of reforming Andrews Solomon or gays is tantamount to praying to change a "female" to a "male".

The problem most of them have upon interview is of the intense stress they are enduring for staying in the closet. One of them has resorted to all prayers and help from many clergymen to change even though they were unable to disclose it directly to then due to their lynch, but the more they seek the more intense it become.

On the grounds of culture, I think society is dynamic and so sticking to culture is like a child refusing to grow. What would have engolfed Ghanaians should we always stick to the old archaic policies of our forefathers? Infact the best part of our culture was to kill for rituals on purification cases. why not go for it.

From the time gayism took to the center stage of our discussions in Ghana, I've taken time to analyse scientifically the natural brain as to whether gayism was designed to be part of nature.

Infact, the analogy was made on the anatomical and physiological aspects of both the organs involved in homosexuality and the woman's, their excretary products and The role of the practice to mankind. On the anus, the external and internal sphincters, the anal pillows (bloated blood sacks at our anus),our anal canal, the rectum and the suspension of the faecal matter at the pubo-rectal sling some meters above the anus and on top of the rectum until at the verge of defaecation, the rectal muscle coat which is the most powerful and supportive, location of male prostrate glands for sensations, testifies of gayism being created to be part of nature but only those who are luckly to have the edge. On excretion , the female organ is even worse in content than the anus due to some hormones in them aimed at preparing their men to be able to give to their family.

On the role, gayism is an expert in population dynamics. it helps protect the previledge who are born to fully enjoy the earth. what justification can you make on imbalanced population, inflation with existence? It helps also to bring lust and humility to women due to competetiveness as the population of lesbians and gays have a ratio of 1:5 and thus leaving more women to few men.

Ghanaians should have less children to avoid putting too much pressure on water and other precious resources, according to Togbe Akliku Ahorney II, Volta Regional Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ““My advice and plea to you, young adults, is that you should guard against

littering the earth with babies you cannot adequately cater for...We cannot find comfort and security on earth if we do not reduce our rate of procreation,” he said at the 6th annual sanitation week celebration of the School of Hygiene in Ho, on the theme, “Our Earth, Our Home, Our Habitat.”

The World Bank report published in 2012 put Ghana’s “crude birth rate” for 2010 at 31.5 births per 1,000 persons. The CIA World Fact-book as of July 2012 put Ghana’s “crude birth rate” at 26.99 per 1,000 persons.

Togbe Akliku Ahorney said efforts at conserving and protecting the country’s habitats might not yield expected results if its natural resources were exploited faster than they were replenished to cater for the ever-growing population. Gays are rulers and logically oriented for policy formulation.

Nature was perfectly designed, lets not condradict our selves and choose what will rather collapse our beautiful nature.


Francis Eduku Nweanah (Asp Deg. NURSE),

Columnist: Nweanah, Francis Eduku