Let’s put a little fanfare into SHS graduation day

SHS Graduation  Graduation day is usually special

Thu, 16 Nov 2017 Source: Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi

In the western world, specifically, United States of America, graduating from SHS is a big milestone that usually calls for a megawatt celebration with all the trimmings.

They have their Prom nights; when the graduation class dresses up to celebrate its ‘achievement’. Limousines and prom dresses are rented or purchased to showcase the occasion. Yes, believe it or not, with all its technological advancement and educational attainment, it’s a big deal to graduate from SHS in United States of America.

On top of it, the graduation day is so special, where awards and certificates are presented to individual students for their achievements—it’s an occasion no responsible parent will leave it for the world!

Unfortunately, on this side of the Atlantic Ocean we don’t put any premium on education. So we take SHS graduation for granted; thinking it’s a “waste of time and resources”. I wonder if that has affected our perception of education and sense of priority. Oh, we will rather spend lavishly on funerals and ‘sow seeds’ at one-man churches.

On the other hand, celebrating SHS graduation day doesn’t have to be as an elaborate as throwing a lavish party or sending an expensive gift. It can be simple get- together for the family of the graduates. Unfortunately, in Ghana the majority of SHS students’ parents only go to their kids’ schools for PTA meetings and nothing more. The lousy and lazy ones always delegate their responsibilities by sending representatives because they have no time for their dependants. They will rather spend hours at prayer camps to buy the ‘magic oils’ and special water. They careless about their kids’ education.

Why am I writing about this? Since the government is investing heavily in SHS education, we should therefore have to find more ways to entice students to SHS and, get more dividends from it. It’s nice to get them in school but we should do everything to keep them there till graduation.

On economic front, SHS graduation ceremony can oil the local economy very remanrkbly. I’m talking about the rental of gowns, tuxedoes, cars, music, tables and chairs. A lot of money can be generated from buying foods, non -alcoholic drinks, balloons and a whole lot of party paraphernalia. And, these are nothing small to sneeze at.

Folks, let’s put a little trimmings on our SHS graduation day to attract quality students, encourage learning and enrollment and, ultimately help the students to dream beyond their own imaginations and limitations.

Columnist: Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi