Let the true prophets and pastors in Ghana speak !

Tue, 14 May 2013 Source: Ayiku, Charles Nii

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Our nation Ghana is under a virulent attack from Nigeria, under their false prophet T B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of Satan. Even though many people in Nigeria know that T B Joshua is a false prophet, many Ghanaians are yet to understand and to see this man for the false prophet that he is. TBJ came to Ghana quietly in 1997 to hold a crusade at the Kaneshie Stadium, and through the manipulation and fabrication of miracles, healing, deliverances and testimonies, was able to warm his way into the heart of the late president, Atta Mills. Meanwhile, the so-called prophets and pastors and bishops and archbishops of Ghana looked on unconcerned while this Nigerian conman and false prophet deceive and mislead some of our people.

I must say, however, that not all Ghanaians are deceived. Some are raising the alarm and warning our people against this great deception of Nigeria and Africa called T B Joshua. I remember that Rev Simon Asore, who was at one time the president of the Ghana Pentecostal Council, refused to be part of the crusade that ushered TBJ into Ghana, citing some beliefs of TBJ's which were contrary to the Scriptures. I also remember that both Agyin Asare and Duncan Williams have raised issues with some of our prophets in Ghana, but what about this Nigerian conman called T B Joshua ?

Only a few days ago, Owusu Bempah was saying he did not want to say anything about T B Joshua, which prompted some of us to ask," Where are the true prophets and pastors in Ghana ? Today, Bempah has come out boldly to say what some of us knew all along, that T B Joshua is a false prophet. Yes, he has been tested by the Word of God and has been found to be a liar and a false prophet. Revelations 2 :2; Acts 17:10:11.

But where are the Agyin Asares and Duncan Williamses who called their own a false prophet ? Where were they when T B Joshua came to deceive Atta Mills and Ghanaians ? And why did it take so long for Bempah to speak out ? Some of us know the Word of God, and we have discernment and so we don't need them to tell us anything about any false prophet, but if they are able to speak against their own, what is stopping them from speaking about T B Joshua, who is all over the internet as one of the leading false prophets in Nigeria and Africa ?

Ghana has her own false prophets, pastors, bishops and archbishops and we don't need any more from Nigeria. Their fake pastors and prophets are all over Ghana establishing fake churches and fleecing our people, sleeping with married women and calling us stupid in the bargain. It is time the fake Nigerian pastors and prophets in Ghana are exposed so our people could know the wolves in sheep's clothing in our midst.

Let our people know that God is not a Nigerian nor Ghanaian nor American, but God who dwells in everyone who calls upon His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the only Messiah and Saviour of the world.

Columnist: Ayiku, Charles Nii