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Let us stop our religious fanaticism

Shaking Of Handkerchiefs In Churches Ghanaians are known for their religiosity

Sun, 8 Nov 2020 Source: Rockson Adofo

Fellow human beings, it is just about time we ceased our unsubstantiated infatuation with religious fanaticism. We have allowed ourselves to be so religiously indoctrinated that we do not hesitate to indulge in some criminal acts frowned upon by the laws of the land and the very religion we uphold and defend.

Many ongoing developments in our Ghanaian churches are masterminded and orchestrated by our mushrooming "One man churches", and are unquestionably supported by the church members are enough to prove how fanatical and indoctrinated we have become.

That aside, the desire and propensity to maim, harm or kill anyone not sharing our religious beliefs or seem to be mocking our beliefs and prophets, saints or gods, is becoming something of a bother.

Why should one believe that he or she is right in the sight of religion to assassinate another person for making a mockery of his/her god, prophet, saint, etc.? Is that not utterly insanity?

Are the saints, prophets or gods, or God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the prophets like Elijah, Elisha, Mohammed, Habakkuk, etc. that we believe in them for having powers, not able to punish us if we offend them? If they chose not to inflict instant punitive measures on us, who are you and l to decide to punish those we see or assume to be making a derogatory mockery of them? What measure of strength have we to defend the very beings or entities that wield the power of life and death by their mere utterance of the word and their wish manifests instantly?

If those holding the power of life and death in their hands are so patient and lenient with us, not relishing in our death but reformation and transformation of character from our sins, why should we as mortal human beings be so hastily judging others to hurriedly kill them for blemish?

I hope humanity the world over would see the insanity of our actions if we took the stance of harming others for mocking the prophets we somehow believe in?

Let us live in peace and harmony. Let us stop our infatuated adherence to fanatical religious indoctrination.

God, prophets or the gods in whose behalf we harm those believed to be insulting them will also punish those of us who take upon ourselves to harm those perceived to be offending them. They have not bequeathed to us the inalienable right to kill those found to be mocking them. They have the power to punish the assumed offenders if they chose to. If they decide not to kill them, it means they have a tangible reason for that so stop hiding behind religion to execute your diabolical selfish agenda.

All those extinguishing human lives for their stupid religious beliefs risk God's wrath one day.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo