Letter From The President: JJ dumps Asomdwehene?

Fri, 20 Oct 2006 Source: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch

Countrymen and women, loyalists and opponents,

as you may be aware I am in Italy, still running my “flying presidency” system. Apart from talking about bilateral ties between our two countries, I have been eating so much pizza that I even feel sick. I can’t wait to come back home to a big bowl of ‘fufu’ and ‘aponkye nkrakra’.

I was resting in my hotel room after a long-meeting with some Italian government officials when one of my aides told me that there is news making the rounds in Sikaman that Jerry Boom has decided that he will not endorse Tata Mills’ candidacy for the NDC’s presidential slot. It surprised me because a few days before I got on the plane to Milan, I read in one of the newspapers that Jerry Boom had anointed his former deputy as his party’s choice for the 2008 general elections.

Columnist: J. A. Fukuor/Daily Dispatch